The Light Shineth Preview - Sloane xp & Devil's Joker

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I really like both of these cards.

I have a question regarding the Joker. Would the +2 hand rank persist after someone used Bottom Dealin’?

Not crazy about Sloane. She’s still just essentially a statstick, just now a slightly cheaper one. That’s not to say it isn’t a strong card, just an uninteresting one.


Edit. I was wrong (misread the card) check soulblight’s post below.


I think she is far more than that: when she arrives she unboot your dudes (that might have gone on a job earlier…).

Sure, of course she’s not technically only stats. Neither is the Sloane XP0. However, that’s more-or-less what they amount to because their traits/abilities aren’t something you build a strategy around or anything. At best they offer some situationally useful tactical options. It’s a one-time effect (unless you cycle her) and she’s still unlikely to be cheap to play in all but the rarest of circumstances.

Again, she’s not bad. She’s just not that interesting, IMO.

But if you get to kidnap someone on round 1 with your whole posse, she costs only 4-5, if you get your dudes out of the fight alive somehow… didn’t play [against] Sloane much, but is that so rare?

If you hold them up or something you could maybe get the money even faster, and if they fight back you can just boot wherever you want, as long as you survive til’ she’s ready ^^
(only theory-crafting here…)

Edit: Just saw the Den of Thieves, get your dudes wanted even faster, and when they’re ready Sloane comes to pick up the spoils? ^^

I actually agreed with you that the previous one was only stats! :smile:

I believe there is interesting things to do with this version and I find her far more interesting than previous one. Can’t wait!

As rarely as Sloan is actually played, I think this new version is far better in nearly every way compared to base set version when not in starting posse. The xp1 Sloan though lacks the base sets versions ability to get dudes into a job or shootout without booting. Having booted verses unbooted dudes in a posse isn’t all that big a difference most times, but it can be, especially with point blank, or swinford finds trouble.

Also agree with previous posted, she can show up right after a big kidnapping, super cheap, unboot all your dudes who booted from the job, and have a huge bounty, likely good enough for a control point with DRow.

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Then overlay her with XP0 and attack again :smiley:

When overlaying XP0 with XP1, her ability does not trigger, does it? Does overlay trigger enter play effects?

No it doesn’t


Don’t forget Makaio! You can combo him with B&B and reduce Sloane’s cost by one each day.
Also add on Monte Bank to someone, play a few extra grifters from hand…

This is actually not the case:

“It applies only while the card is in your draw hand. If a resolution discards it from your hand, you lose the bonus.”