The Light Shineth Preview - The Wretched

Here’s another spoiler from the The Light Shineth! This’ll work very nicely with Margaret! I’m pretty pumped about this one.


See? Dudes are getting cheaper, I’m not crazy! :smile:

That boy is pretty awesome, Oddities has a new beast to throw around.

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So. You think that’s Richard Slavin? >>

Or I suppose it could be whoever margaret was hovering over.

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4th ring science on the way up.

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There’s Margaret Hagerty’s buddy.

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I think you should be the first one to make that association of someone doing a horrible thing and bringing monsters into this world in order to save a loved one, Dr. Tomoe.

Weeeell, you will boot the scientist, ace another dude, that probably cost something, and your scientist could likely hang for this ;D

Hm… the long hair look very much like Lawrence Blackwood to me, if it’s anyone we know?

Eagle wardens sacrificing ancestor spirits to create this monstrosity is the cheapest way I see it. That or the obvious one, start the game with a couple of paggs and soul cages.

Currently asking about if Valeria can invent The Wretched. Basicly, whether The Wretcheds first sentence, that he must be invented by a mad scientist denies her being able to invent it, or if her ‘as if a mad scientist’ is enough.
*Edit: AEG confirmed that when Valeria is inventing mystical gadgets, she is treated like a mad scientist.

Stagecoach Office works for Quaterman’s exact same wording (as per the FAQ), so it should allow you to invent The Wretched, placing him somewhere you don’t have a dude, making his acing sentence non applicative. This one is my favorite. *okay, I thought I was being clever, but The Wretched would ace himself after then. Darn. :disappointed_relieved:

Since the Acing affect is not a cost, you can get the dude discarded instead of aced by passing Dr. Ashbells pull.

Acing a Harrowed will get it discarded instead.

Lay on hands can save the dude from being aced, sending them home booted instead. Not sure if Mixing blessed + Mad Scientist is worth it though.