The Magnificent Artwork of Firearms by IKAAN Stuidios

One of my favorite things about the old west is the style and aesthetics of…well everything, from building design, clothing, engineering, mechanics, and tons of other things. Like the guns. Oh the guns.

Call me a gun nut, but the look and workings of the firearms produced from 1847 up until the late 1890’s are just fantastic. Whether it’s a big iron like the Walker revolver, or a sleekly profiled rifle like the Winchester models of 66, 73, 76, 92, 94, and in between, I’ve just had a fondness for them. And nobody has done artwork that makes them look so pretty like IKAAN studio’s particular style.

Some great examples:

Peacemaker - A gorgeous Ivory-gripped, nickel plated Remington Model of 1875
Pearl-Handled Revolver - A mother-of-pearl and engraved Colt Single Action Army
Quickdraw Handgun - A lesser known Colt New Line revolver

I’d love to see some other works of weapons make it into the future of the game at some point!

That’s all, just expressing my love and appreciation for some really pretty cards.

Carry on.