The Mixer in Weird West Edition: What Does Ignore Mean in Relation to Bullet Modifiers?

Ruling regarding The Mixer

Cards like Onward Christian Soldiers and Peacemaker which say a dude ‘cannot be changed to a draw’ and ‘cannot have their bullets reduced/lowered’ prevent effects that would directly affect bullets. For example, they prevent both effects of Sun in Yer Eyes. They do not prevent the dude getting lower bullets or losing stud as an indirect effect of an opposing card.

For example, they would not prevent Vivene Goldsun from becoming a draw if she lost her Mystical Goods due to an opposing card.

They would not prevent Chuan “Jen” Qí losing her +2 bullets if she lost her Gadget, even if the Gadget was lost due to an opponent’s card effect.

In these cases, the stud or bullet bonus are no longer there, and thus cannot be part of the calculation when determining the dudes total bullets.

Like what happens in those situations, Remedy removes bullet modifiers, which also causes them to not be part of the calculation.

The Mixer works in a similar way. Even though a dude might have gotten modifiers to bullets, those modifiers are currently not part of how total bullets are calculated for the dude.


In short this means you are not counting the modifiers (ignoring them) but it does not count as a cancel or modifier so it ignores protection effects.

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