The necessary Kung Fu brainstorming thread

So I really like the kung fu idea and I love that the current 108 bandit cards really want you to have a big hand size with lots of tools and also ninja around their deeds. This made me want to play a deck where I ran very few deeds and mainly tried to steal control points and gold from my opponents deeds. So I kinda made a quick deck that has a lot of combo-like pieces but is still pretty bad for a lot of reasons but then I thought, nothing helps a brainstorm than to set the bar super low. So here is my deck

Improve, scrap, constructively criticise and tell me your own ideas.

Showing up blank for me.

Showed up fine for me

Showing up for me, now.

What’s your plan if you come across a deck that’s not playing deed CP, like Sloane?

Pony Express seems like it would be great in Kung Fu, because the discarded card could be a Tao Technique that’s as good as in your hand anyway (if you ahve another card to start the combo).

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yeah, that’s pretty tricky situation but mainly to try to spread them thin and take enough time so that I have a shotgun and/or some decent cards in discard and hand to create a scary situation for any character. I one hundred percent agree on pony express and it was in the deck and I pulled it for some reason (I originally thought 4 deeds 2 copies each). I also think that one good turn may be a better card than reserves. I think shootout wise kung fu has the best shootout actions if you can delay the game.