The Road to Tombstone: Epitaph Series Results

Tombstone, Arizona is known as the Gateway to the Great Maze - at least in the South, since it sits at the Western edge of Confederate territory. The garrison at Fort Huachuca patrols the mule train route and the area around Tombstone, protecting against bands of marauders. Ed Schieffelin came east from California in 1874 guarding a shipment of ghost-rock, and while prospecting, discovered a number of silver veins, and his first two claims were named Tombstone and Graveyard. The town slowly grew with the completion of a Bayou Vermilion rail line into a town, placing Tombstone on the map. Many would-be miners are tinhorns from Back East. New saloons and outfitters are sprouting up faster than weeds on a cow patty. Marshal Fred White and Deputy Spence Walker are the only law in town, along with sheriff and tax collector of Cochise county, John Behan. The real law in town is a group of outlaws called the Cowboys, a bunch of no-good cattle-rustling lowlifes, led by Old Man Clanton, with one of his three sons, Curly Bill Brocious calling the shots when he’s not around. Things have calmed down a bit of late, ever since Doc Holliday came to town.*

As we build up to the next storyline, this thread will serve as a running tally of factions represented in the Epitaph Series, with the resulting lead faction showing us the way:

Morgan: 35
Fourth Ring: 32
Sloane Gang: 29
Law Dogs: 39
108: 20
Eagle Wardens: 13

Reported in Lists:
Law Dogs: Law Dogs - Don't Cheat Me *Jacksonville Epitaph* · DoomtownDB
Sloane: Things to do in Gammora when you're dead. · DoomtownDB

Santa Clara: 108 Righteous Bandits
“Turbo Doris”

Zwolle, Netherlands:
All 5 lists are up on dtdb

Edinburgh: Finals were Law Dogs v. 108 Righteous Bandits Gun Fu

Exeter: Morgan Regulators

Denmark: 4th Ring

Indianapolis: Indianapolis Epitaph

Winner: Blessed Dogs - Are We There Yet? 1st Place OCTGN League · DoomtownDB
Base set Law Dogs - 4
Full Moon Brotherhood - 2
108 Drunken Masters - 1

BD Cosmos, Canada
Desolation Row
Lawdogs x2
Morgan Cattle Co
Eagle Wardens

Law Dogs

Jake Smiley
Lucinda “Lucy” Clover
Philip Swinford
Tommy Harden
Constance Daughtry
Prescott Utter
The Brute
Mortimer Parsons
“Thunder Boy” Nabbe
Willa Mae MacGowan
Xiong “Wendy” Cheng
Clyde Owens
Gang Yi
Henry Moran
Rico Rodegain

3x Coachwhip
4x Pistol Whip
4x Faster on the Draw
2x Bounty Hunter
2x Unprepared
Recruitment Drive

B&B Attorneys
Town Council
Pearly’s Place
The R&D Ranch
Flint’s Amusements
Killer Bunnies Casino
Baird’s Build & Loan
2x Carter’s Bounties
Walters Creek Distillery

3x Tusk
2x Mountain Lion Friend
2x Roan
3x Jael’s Guile

2x Joker

1st Adam Whitehouse Morgan Regulators
2nd Dan VandenBurg Morgan regulators
3rd Amit Sharma Eagle Wardens original
4th David Woof 108 Drunken Masters
5th Russell Smith EW Gateway to Beyond
6th Andrew Davidson Morgan Cattle Co
7th Andy Skillen Morgan Regulators

Adams decklist: Ranch Economists - London Epitaph 1st Place · DoomtownDB

Critical Hit - Florida
5 players. 5 different Outfits

1st - Sloane - Den of Thieves - St. Pete, FL Epitaph 1st Place: Moneybox o' Thieves · DoomtownDB
2nd - MCC - Morgan Stables - Same deck from OP Kit #8 - All of the Gadget - OP Kit #8 Winner · DoomtownDB
3rd - Sloane - Desolation Row
4th - MCC - Morgan Cattle Co.
5th - Law Dogs - Abram’s Crusaders

Halifax, Canada

Law Dogs
Morgan Stables
The winner was Josh Roberts, piloting Donkeys and Hexes - 1st Halifax Epitaph · DoomtownDB .

1 Abram Crusaders (winner)
1 Sanitorium
1 Regulators

1 Sloane Hucksters
2 Law Dogs (winner)
1 Justice in Exile
1 Full Moon Brotherhood

Myrtle Beach
1 - morgan gadget (winner)
2 - law dogs arsenal
3 - fourth ring oddities
4 - fourth ring oddities
5 - law dogs core
6 - law dogs crusaders
7 - morgan regulators
8 - eagle warden original home

16 Players 07/30 UK
Law Dogs win (lists pending)

From Vancouver:
The winner, Brendan Smith, was playing a Justice in Exile shooter that was a copy of the Police Brutality deck listed on DoomtownDB (Police Brutality · DoomtownDB).
The runner-up 108 deck was a gimmick Monkey Saloon deck

Texas League saw 4 Fourth Ring, 1 Law Dog, 1 Morgan, 1 Sloane, with 4th Ring taking the win.

Iowa (winner pending)
Law Dog’s - 2
4th Ring - 1
Sloan - 1
Morgan - 1

Manchester: Vince wins with Eagle Wardens; decks will be posted on dtdb
1 LD, 2 EW, 3 SL, 2 108, 1 4R and 1 MO

Portland 11:
1 108: Right Turn Clyde - Portland Epitaph 1st Place · DoomtownDB
1 Law Dogs
3 Morgan
3 Sloane
3 Fourth Ring

Poland: all lists up on dtdb
1 108 (winner): The 108 Swarm - Cracow Epitaph 1st · DoomtownDB
3 Law Dogs
1 Sloane

*Origins as depicted in Deadlands


Updated with Andrew Wu, Santa Clara winning list. Images from the event will be posted this evening.

Updated with Netherlands results

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Updated with Exeter and Edinburgh

Updated with Denmark

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Thanks for compiling this list and the summaries in the various individual event fields. It is encouraging to see lots of discussion over at From a selfish/playtest point of view, the discussions/decks are helpful for gauging the environment too and will only grow more useful as more decks are added and we get a broader pool. Some events are large, some small but it is helpful to see what people are playing.

Thanks, hoping it helps generate interest once again and shape the meta leading into the World Championship :slight_smile:

I have Indy and others to add as well in the big update Monday that should include the over 20 players participating in the OCTGN event .


Updated with Indianapolis

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Decklist for Denmark:

Avie Cline Strikes again.

Best play (for the circus ;)):

Sloane sits on mainstreet with Barton unbooted, Maria Kingsford and Allie booted, Allie with a shotgun. Ambrose walks out on mainstreet and gets called out by Barton. He accepts, boots Barton with unprepared and gets shot to death.

Avie goes to mainstreet, Puppets Allie, calls out Maria, who accepts with Barton. Allie shotguns Maria after which Allie and Barton shoots each other.

That was Circus Fun for A Dime!


Too bad shotgun says “opposing dude”. That would have been a hilarious suicide…


Updated with Wisconsin (July 16)

Updated with BD Cosmos, Canada (July 22)

Here’s the Wisconsin winning deck from their LD fest. :slight_smile:

It is the same deck as the winner of a previous OCTGN tournament:

Updated with London (July 23).

Updated with Florida (Critical Hit, July 23). Sloane have a win!

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Brea (California, USA) summary:

Top Deck: 108 Drunken Masters
Representation: x2 Protection Racket (Tom, Zac), x2 Morgan Regulators (Glen, Ryan), x2 108 Drunken Masters (Lee, Wes)

Here is my deck/report: Mad Bomber - 2nd Place Epitaph, Brea · DoomtownDB


Thanks Zac, I saw Glenn’s post but was missing factions!

Updated with Brea, CA

Seeing my home faction doesn’t really stand a chance, I’m starting to think I might throw my hat into a different ring.

Still a couple of weeks of events to go, so unless it’s Eagle Wardens there’s still hope for your faction of choice (I’m assuming 4R in your case). I know there are a few of us playing 4R in the OCTGN League that are yet to be added to the numbers.

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