The Whole Story?

So I was just going over the “Swan Song” Q&A thread, and after reading only a couple of the answers I realized that I was a little out of my depth. I’ve been into DTR since the beginning, and found my love of it through years of playing Deadlands. I’ve read the fictions posted on the DTR blog and included with each expansion, but I feel like there are still huge gaps left in my ability to keep up with the story.

I’m not a super competitive person. My Doomtown “group” is just me and my best friend, tooling casually around with decks and talking about our favorite characters and cards. He also has trouble keeping up with what’s going on in the story, and visiting this forum has shown me that maybe we’re the only ones who are lost. I’m wondering if the fact that we don’t participate in events and tournaments has left us without a means of gaining closure on some of the stories that we’ve become so invested in.

So I wanna know, how do you guys stay on top of the story in this game? Since this is all starting up again, I feel like I have to know how I can be better at getting the whole story.

From Classic:

Charlie Landers retired (Charlie’s Place).
Blackjack retired and became a miner (Jackson’s Strike).
Max Baine moved over from Sweetrock Mining to Morgan Cattle.
Dave Montreal took over as Sheriff, with Xiong “Wendy” Cheng as lead deputy.

And a new generation of Gomorran’s would bear witness to the arrival of the Sloane Gang and the Fourth Ring…

I think the card art/flavour text, insert stories and fiction on the Alderac site cover the story in full, there shouldn’t be anything missing that was exclusively covered at an event/tournament.

I was a little out of my depth on the “Swan Song” thread too as some of the Q&A refers to characters that hadn’t been introduced in Doomtown:Reloaded yet (I think “Adler” is an example here, was going to be a senior 4R/Full Moon dude, but was only referred to in the closing fiction but they clearly had cards/story stuff planned out).

The new Pine Box Entertainment story sounds like it will have some familiar characters but cover a slightly broader range of the Weird West than just Gomorra. Here’s my summary of what Pinebox said on the recent Booted Dudes podcast, it sounds like people won’t need to catch up on a mountain of fiction to get involved:

  • “Creatively, not anchored to Gomorra alone. Story is to some extent a prequel and features Pancho Castillo.” - podcast link, well worth a listen

I don’t think tournaments/promos featured any special story snippets that were missing elsewhere. There’s a link below with various alt art cards, but these just flesh out events covered in other fiction pieces (for example, Sloane gunning down Dave Montreal on the alt art “A Fight They’ll Never Forget”):

Please feel free to ask any questions on stories/dudes that you’re looking for closure on any we’ll try to help dig out the right fiction piece/card art or recommend you ask it in the Q&A thread if it is something that hasn’t been covered in the fiction yet. :slight_smile:

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This looks up to date:


Ante–> Reload: initial setting, backstory/origins, some foreshadowing
NTR, DD, EDS → sets up the Election between Byre and Crowley, hopes to restore order to Gomorra-Sloane gang on the move.

Faith n Fear - introduce Blessed, transition to next arc
FJ,NTB, N@N → open aggression between Sloane Gand and LD. Learn more about the 4R circus and things may not be what they seemed.
Also, includes stories that support the results of Gencon events

IOUF - introduces EW and 108
TLS - plague starts to infect Gomorra
DD, FP, BM → Plague rampant, discover depth of 4R involvement–>4R emerges as the ‘enemy’
Ghost Town - less of a transition, more of a continuation than other Pine Boxes
TCR, AGE, TS → conclusion of arc 1 - town unites against Ivor and 4R, ‘turning of Sloane’
BMR - start of new arc, with werewolves/hunters taking over 4R role. Mario Crane becomes “Sloane” and begins reign of terror in Gomorra, LD go underground/exile.

Hope that provides the overall narrative structure/focus.
As noted above, the Flavor Text augments the stories via mini-vignettes.


I´m triying to put the story sheets that come with the expansions together to catch up with the whole lore, but I´m having a hard time to find in which order they came out. Are the stories shown in the archives in chronological order? I also have “The Plague Carnival” pdf, where does it fit?
Thanks in advance for the hellp.

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That should have all the fiction, expansion inserts included, in the correct order.

Was “The Plague Carnival” from the Kickstarter? That was a collection of existing fiction that told the story of Ivor Hawley’s circus of evil.


Hey, thanks for the link, will have a look later.

Not sure, got the pdf after purchasing some DT:R stuff from pegginc; I haven´t read it yet because I didn´t want to spoil anything.