There Comes A Reckoning: Servitor Series Analysis

There Comes A Reckoning: Servitor Series Analysis

Howdy pardners! I wanted to take the time to share what we’ve noticed in organized play in this recent series, to provide some incite for both competitve players and show our new players how the post TCaR enviornment has advanced our beloved game. Note this is going to analyze only the decks in the recent Series that used cards featured in TCaR. Cards from this Series were in no way necessary to compete and there were plenty of successful, even winning decks, that did not feature any of these cards.

Where were we?
In ending the Epitaph Series, where no new cards were featured since the 2016 Sheriff Season, we got to see some new decks that maybe weren’t fully developed towards the end of the AEG run. There were plenty of new cards to work with in ‘Blood Moon Rising,’ and as a result, starting with the 2016 UK Championship, Robert Campbell’s horses regulated the environment, showing just how powerful Calling the Cavalry is. We saw a surge in Law Dogs outfits represented, as they know have a much more viable and powerful starting posse. Leading into the GenCon World Championship, Richard Carter showed us how to build our town and defend it with a victorious 108 Righteous Bandits win. We got our first glimpse of four of the TCaR cards in our Evil is a Choice event, where Joe ‘James’ Meredith showboated his way to naming a new Legend that will be featured in the set after the upcoming ‘Too Tough to Die.’

What happened in the Servitor Series?
Below we’ll see a breakdown of decks per faction and how the new cards affected the environment, noting which character players voted on to Corrupt or Save just for participating.

I. Law Dogs
The #screwDrew campaign has proved quite successful, with many of the 40 plus votes so far from Law Dogs players are to corrupt the inventor of the Quaterman, and Law Dogs remains the faction most represented. The Evil is a Choice Event featured two different Servitors combined with what has largely been considered the weakest outfit for this faction:

Top 4 Arsenal w/Hellstromme: Hellstrom Gadget-Dogs: Two-Fisted Justice · DoomtownDB

Top 8 Arsenal w/Grimme: "Shoulda chose evil." GenCon "Evil is a Choice" 8th place LD · DoomtownDB

Going into Servitor Series, we see examples now of each Servitor with this faction and a vareity of representation with TCaR. While Justice in Exile was very prevalent at the GenCon main event, it has taken a back seat in post TCaR builds.

Cards used: Raven, Stone, Grimme, Censure, Agent Provocateur, Shan Fan Showdown, Hellstromme Plant #9, Intercession, Sheriff Eli Waters, Buffalo Emporium, Johnny Brocklehurst, BIlton Collection Agency, Sentinel, Taff’s Distillery, Mausoleum, Stewart Davidson, Decimator Array

OCTGN League: Law Dogs w/Stone: Always Bet on Stone · DoomtownDB

Abram’s Crusaders w/Grimme: Abram's Holy Toolbox · DoomtownDB
TOP 4 PAX Unplugged: Top 4 finisher PAX Unplugged · DoomtownDB

Law Dogs: New dog, old tricks · DoomtownDB
PAX Unplugged Second Place: Old-Fashioned Dogs (PaxUnplugged 2nd place!) (4/2/Straight F · DoomtownDB

Law Dogs w/Raven (2nd Place Servitor): Raven's-War Dogs (2nd @ York Servitor Series 2017-12-02) · DoomtownDB

2nd Place Servitor: Abram’s Crusaders: Melee miracle 2nd place in Servitor Event Zwolle, NL · DoomtownDB
1st Place Servitor: : Tolaris 3:16 - Newcastle Servitor Winner · DoomtownDB

OCTGN League: Arsenal w/Grimme: Shan Fan Dogs! · DoomtownDB

Arsenal: #screwdrew · DoomtownDB

II. The Sloane Gang
Taking down the ‘Fate of Mario Crane’ story-line event at PAX Unplugged, Zachary Seldon showed us how great Sloane still are, now backed with the Power of Raven, while others had great success with hex builds. Players continue to vote on the fate of Maria Kingsford, with a tight race to save or corrupt her soul.

Cards used: Raven, Grimme, Taff’s Distillery, Mausoleum, Nightmare Realm, The Bloody Star, Grim Servant O’Death, Disarm, The Winning Agenda, The Oriental Saloon, Bilton Collection Agency

2nd Place Servitor: Desolation Row w/Grimme: Grimme Hex *2nd Place Servitor 2017* · DoomtownDB

Protection Racket w/Grimme: Cheatin' Barton · DoomtownDB

PAX Unplugged 1st Place: Protection Racket w/Raven: Pub Wars - PAX Unplugged 1st Place · DoomtownDB

OCTGN League Top 8: Den of Thieves: Den of Jokers - OCTGN Top 8 · DoomtownDB

III. The Fourth Ring
Another close competition, this one for Valeria, we’ve seen success starting in Evil Is A Choice and continuing from there with a variety of deck types.

Cards used: Hellstromme, Stone, Grimme, Disarm, Taff’s Distillery, Mausoleum, Nightmare Realm, Black Owl, Buffalo Emporium, Zeb Whateley-Dupont, Agent Provocateur, Devil’s Six Gun, Hellstromme Plant #9, The Winning Agenda, Rosenbaum’s Golem, Grim Servant O’Death, Decimator Array

Evil Is A Choice 1st Place: The Fourth Ring w/Grimme: I Chose Evil - 1st Place Gencon 2017 Evil Is A Choice · DoomtownDB
Servitor 2nd Place: Thanks, Mark II · DoomtownDB

Servitor 1st Place: Full Moon Brotherhood: Valeria Batten Rescue Party · DoomtownDB

Servitor 1st Place: Sanitorum: York Servitor 2017 [Winner] · DoomtownDB

Servitor 2nd Place: Oddities w/Hellstromme: Valeria's Mystical Toy Box · DoomtownDB

Servitor 3rd Place: Full Moon Brotherhood w/Stone: Full Moon Whateleys · DoomtownDB

Top 4 PAX Unplugged: Oddities of Nature: WHAT'S IN THE BOX?! v2 - PAX Unplugged 3rd Place · DoomtownDB

IV. Morgan Cattle Company
Taking top of swiss in Evil is A Choice and achieving a Servitor win from there, gadget regulation proved successful in this Series and showed cavalry is still strong. Votes for Kyle continue to come in as we plan to show what happened after his apparent death.

Cards used: Raven, Stone, Hellstromme, Prof. Aloysius Roe, Devil’s Six Gun, Adrian Vallejo, Buffalo Emporium, Grim Servant O’ Death, Decimator Array

Evil is A Choice Top of Swiss: Morgan Regulators w/Hellstromme: "Evil is a Choice" Gadget Cavalry, 5-0 2017 · DoomtownDB
Servitor 1st Place: Gadget Regulations *1st Place Servitor 2017* · DoomtownDB

Evil is A Choice: Morgan Stables w/Stone: "...And Behold, an Ashen Horse..." · DoomtownDB

Morgan Regulators: Decimating and Regulating · DoomtownDB

Servitor 1st Place: Morgan Regulators w/Raven: Raven reg · DoomtownDB

V. The 108 Righteous Bandits
While there wasn’t much representation in TCaR, 11 players and Bai Yang Chen’s soul is on it’s way to being saved.

Cards used: Raven, Taff’s Distillery, Explorer’s Lodge, Bilton Collection Agency, Agent Provocateur

1st Place Servitor: 108 Drunken Masters w/Raven: Raven's Bandits - Wasabicon Servitor Winner · DoomtownDB

VI. Eagle Wardens
Starting with Grimme powering The Gateway to a 2nd place Evil is a Choice deck, the votes for Black Elk strongly favored saving him and here’s the TCaR representation.

Cards used: Grimme, Raven, The Winning Agenda, Charging Bear, Explorer’s Lodge, Bilton Collection Agency, Raven’s Ruin, Grim Servant O’ Death, Fears No Owls, Agent Provocateur, Friends in High Places

2nd Place Evil is A Choice: Gateway to Beyond w/Grimme: Gencon Evil is a Choice Second Place - Taking to the Gateway · DoomtownDB

Servitor Series Top 4: Beyond the Veil w/Raven: Raven's Murder - Servitor Series 4th palce · DoomtownDB
5th Place: Totem chess · DoomtownDB

What cards have not seen play?
My two ghost rock on what’s not featured above:

-Wang Men Wu: Specific to Rabbit tricks, not one we’ll see widely played.
-Rabid Rance Hitchock: A character with some versatility, but not for hex builds, I hope to see him in future decks.
-Morgan Lash: the high cost can deter use in even Desolation Row.
-F1 Burch: hoping he sees more play, the movement shenanigans can be quite fun.
-Epitaph Branch Office: this one surprises me since it has a way to earn CP and I suspect we’ll see it in the next series.
-Forsaken Hound: this dog will get love…in time.
-Cavalry Escort: I expect to see some splash in decks that set up Point Blank.
-Remedy: competes on 9s with Red Horse’s Tail, more of a meta call/specific build card.
-Behold White Bull: might be some fun there with kung-fu and blessed.
-You Had ONE Job!: not featured in any Law Dogs builds, another versatile card that I’d like to see in action.

What other factors were in place?
Let’s face in folks, some people just aren’t in tune with using proxies, which is fine! Once the physical cards come out and we enter the Tombstone Series, will we see a difference at events? Horse decks remain successful, but will we see more showboating? Keep in mind, this list is just from what is documented on the dtdb, so there may be plenty of other folks using a variety of the new cards, and several of the cards featured above are in some builds not featured from organized play.

So in conclusion I ask you, the community, what did you observe in this Series?


My Hellstromme deck from Hartlepool used Forsaken Hound - must not have posted that one on dtdb. I saw Cavalry Escort in use in at least one deck too. I was going to put Epitaph Branch Office into one of my decks, but I was rushed for time on the day and didn’t want to faff around with proxies.


I’d love to see some more lists with those cards, especially 108. I know with proxies that was also discussed at the Mario Crane event in having time to make them; I think with the physical cards we will see more use next Series.

Justice in Exile/Hellstromme, feat. Forsaken Hounds

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I been waiting for the new set to get to me before start using the cards , most of my play group is still trying to get blood moon as it is hard for the FLG to get it in inventory

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I quite like having the proxies - meant those who wanted them could use them and those who wanted to wait could too. I made a few with proxies, but it requires right a bit more forethought to print and sleeve proxies, so like many others I’ll use the new cards more once they’re available.

I only attended two events this series due to work trips, plus watched things on OCTGN so I didn’t see as much as I normally do during tournament series. Fans uploading decks to dtdb helped keep me in the loop even if I didn’t see as much in person as previously. :thumbsup:

  • Even the threat of “Shan Fan Showdown” seems to have cooled horse decks a bit, not quite as prevalent as they were last time. I particularly like Shodown in Sloane decks, a few of the Edinburgh players had good Sloane melee decks during playtesting.
  • Interesting to see Raven much more competitive than the community expected in its initial feedback on the cards. Often hard to call things until you see them in play.
  • I saw quite a lot more Puppet use, perhaps because Grimme helps you find your low value hexes faster?
  • Pleased that the Legends are competitive enough to win several events, but plenty of decks won without them. Pinebox said they wanted these to be optional and look to have hit the right power level. I remember from AEG era L5R how difficult extra cards that start in play can be to balance (e.g. Sensei from that game).

Going to disagree with @Lapp on Morgan Lash, as I got her in to play a lot during playtesting. What does that guy know about Doomtown anyway? :wink: I suppose as a previous World Champion (with Sloane no less!) he might be moderately informed about the game! We’ll have to agree to disagree or settle it with a grudge match.

The above is hidden away in Lapp’s post in case anyone skim reading missed it. We know when John Henry Holliday, better known as Doc Holliday, will be showing up as a Legend. :slight_smile:

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I’m definitely down for some Sloane v. Sloane grudge matches at Worlds :slight_smile:
I actually do like her for Desolation Row, huckster or no huckster, but I do feel most people will sway from trying her out. I look forward to losing to her :wink:

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I am bring EW to Gen con I may even try to dust off the fancy hat concept even if I don’t see it aging well in this next year lol maybe to tough to die will will rejuvenate the idea some lol


Hooray! Could try Zachary, Enapay and Idols/Ougunned alongside Point Blank (use all those bullets), with some cheatin’ punishment/removal jobs splashed in off value. Plus Remedy from TCaR to protect Zachary’s bullets. Maybe 9/J/K. Deck could run a little looser given high bullets.

It’s a workable scheme as long as nobody is packing send home…

Your attire stuff worked well last time, would be nice to see a sequel. :slight_smile:

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Decklists from Poland to add to the list:

1st place - The Forth Ring: Deckbuilder · DoomtownDB
2nd place - Morgan Regulators + Raven: Raven reg · DoomtownDB
3rd place - The Gateway to Beyond: hex 2018 Szwagier · DoomtownDB
4th place - The Sanatorium: York Servitor 2017 [Winner] · DoomtownDB
5th place - Oddities of Nature: Tattooed · DoomtownDB
6th place - Justice in Exile: Deckbuilder · DoomtownDB

I noticed my #screwdrew deck was in that list and that I hadn’t gone back and done the writeup I said I would (I’m building up a bit of a backlog…). Anyway, a short writeup has been added.


Reviewing this thread reminded me of how much use I’ve seen of “Grim Servant o’ Death” not just as an offensive tool but defensively too. I like that this requires a bit of positioning (need to leave a dude at home) and thought too (should I call my opponent out if there’s a risk he has this card?).

I remember that card getting a bit of heat for being wordy (which is true, encouraging to see Design say they’re aiming to keep cards simple where possible), but time has shown that this card is seeing play and is both fun and useful. :thumbsup:


Russell nudged me, seems Eagle Wardens have a poor showing so…

Here’s the Huddersfield Servitor winning deck

Here’s the Manchester winning deck

One more Servitor to go in the UK that I can make, Russ set me the challenge to see if I can win that Servitor-less Gateway to make it 3/3 all Wardens homes!


Good stuff @VinceTurner. Particularly appreciate you highlighting a non Spirit Fortress option that has performed well, will hopefully encourage people who want to explore other options in EW. I remember you having a fun and interesting Gateway deck in Huddersfield one year, so good luck with going for a win with each home. :slight_smile: