There Comes A Reckoning - Set Review

I don’t like giving a rating since a cards strength in use will change drastically depending on meta and play style. Some cards prove to be less impactful on the game, but that easily changes. For that reason, I will share concepts for each card that will hopefully be useful, but I won’t be giving a 1-5 star rating. These are my personal opinions and thoughts on each card. If I have a card interaction incorrect, please let me know and I will update.

Darius Hellstromme
One of the most focused and straight forward Legend cards. He intends to benefit decks running gadget weapons. There’s no reason to take him otherwise, and strong reason to include him if you are. The drawback will make starting shootouts a terrible idea if you don’t have a gadget weapon on the dude you intend to make the shooter, which may stall your early game if you don’t have a gadget weapon yet. You also going to want a back up shooter with a gadget weapon, if opponents ruin your intended shooters bullets, or send them out of a shootout. The benefit is that causing casualties that opponents discard dudes to cover will end up far more deadly while you have an unbooted gadget weapon. This card combos very strongly with Yagn’s Mechanical Skeleton, Janosz Pratt, Auto-Revolver, Bio-Charged Neutralizer, Luke the Errand Boy.

Ezekiah Grimme
This Legend is one of the strongest ways of pulling more spells out of your deck and putting them into play. The cost will begin to skyrocket to get your spells into play if your running four copies of each spell, especially if opponent is running the same spells in their deck. Grimme is terrible for decks running totems, but can be used for Shamans that are focused on non-totems such as Turtle’s Guard and Ghostly Communion. Grimme is especially a boost to Miracles and Hexes that are willing to pay the cost to get their most useful tools into play quicker, which is especially important for control and Showboating decks. Grimmes best use may come to more balanced decks, that run a limited number of spells to add strong benefits to skilled dudes mixing in spells with goods attachments. This card combos strongly with all non totem spells but special note to Sight Beyond Sight, also Hex Slingin’, Sentinel, Showboating, Magical Distraction, and Rite Of Profane Abstersion for their strong effects that discard or ace spells.

Jasper Stone
The definition of high cost, high reward. If you can manage the fact that he starts your game with very limited resources, and that you won’t get any benefit from assisting dudes in a shootout other than casualty soak (except at home), if you can handle those costs, you’ll have a chance to make your decent shooter into a power killer once a turn. Additionally, if you cause your target to get aced during the shootout, your shooter will grow more powerful and gain a control point. If your dude aces a target using a weapon like Shotgun and they stay to be chosen as a shooter when hands are drawn, they won’t gain the +2 bullet bonus that shootout, but they will get the +1 permanent bullet and control point. Stone gives such a win more affect that your shootouts can be far more conclusive for a game. If you ace your target who has influence, and gain control of the deed being contested, you can easily see a swing of 3 influence/control as their influence goes down, you gain a control point, and your opponent loses their deed worth a control point while you gain it. Fights over deeds like The Mayors Office are even more impactful. This card combos strongly with Shotgun, Legendary Holster, Rabbit Takes Revenge, Behold White Bull, Grim Servant O’ Death, We Got Beef!, Sentinel, Nightmare Realm, Justice in Exile, Full Moon Brotherhood, Coachwhip!, Heartseeker, Point Blank, Essence of Armitage.

Raven is all about having bullet, lots of bullets. While Ravens extra control point for controlling more opponents locations than other players can be that last needed point to win, Raven really isn’t a win condition like Jasper Stone is. Raven is more versatile since you won’t suffer a penalty in shootouts you don’t start, or if you have greater bullets than opponents, which his ability will help with at a single deed each turn. Raven seems best to power up the shooters in aggressive deck that fiercely fight over deeds. Raven may also encourage opponents to over commit to a fight if they think they can get greater bullets than your posse. For this reason, cards that allow you to add more dudes to a shootout, reduce bullets of opponents dudes, or increase your bullets are particularly useful with Raven. The bullet bonus granted to the shooter is also useful for resolution cards that check bullets. Cards that combo strongly include Shotgun, Faster on the Draw, Nightmare at Noon, A Fight They’ll Never Forget, Raising the Stakes, Pistol Whip, Spirit spells that generate Nature Spirit tokes, Buffalo Riffle, Protection Racket, Grim Servant O’ Death, Forster Cooke, Jade Tao of Jade Rabbit and Tao of Zhu Bajie kung fu. There are many others, but those give some ideas of what can be useful.

Wang Men Wu
Fairly standard stats for his cost, but his value 9 means he isn’t a great dude to not be starting. His react ability and trait are built to play Tao of Jade Rabbit cards, making him an excellent choice for decks trying to aggressively control shootouts using Rabbit Fu. He benefits significantly if he gets numbchucks since it increases his combo potential, and higher value to succeed at kung fu checks on higher values.

Charging Bear
Charging Bear’s stats aren’t built to impress, especially compared to Clint Ramsey and Smiling Frog. His shootout ability is where it’s at, but you have to have a token dude in the shootout. Mother Bear’s Rage is an excellent way to start a shootout with a token dude. He also is a good dude to bring with a Shaman that has Spirit Dance attached. In deck, he’s on value with Many Speak as One.
Fears No Owls Fear No Owls is a good low cost shaman to include in deck when playing queens, a value notorious for high cost dudes. For only 2 GR, you don’t get much stats, but she does have stud bullet type for bonus stud while assisting in a shootout. She’s as cheap as most sidekicks, but she has the benefit of being a back up shaman, grants a stud bonus when assisting, and has a noon ability imparting a movement ability that isn’t hard for Eagle Wardens to build around. She might be a card to consider in non Eagle wardens decks that are playing Queen value simply for cheap effective support. Her movement ability should help a Gateway to Beyond deck, or add extra movement to Beyond the Veil.

Black Owl
Many people play Pinned Down less for the bullet reduction, and more for the ability to force opponents first casualty to be the actual dude you want eliminated. Black Owl may surprise people, making close won shootouts take eliminate dudes opponents really didn’t want to lose. He combos very strongly with Full Moon Brotherhood, greatly increasing the chance of eliminating your target dude, especially if you play Taking You With Me. The counter will be casualty reduction.

Rosenbaum’s Golem
The Thing is a great abomination to put into an Ivor Hawly xp1 deck, especially because it is on value with Buried Treasure. His ability can be a great way of getting another of your dudes unbooted in order to use a shootout or resolution ability that requires them to boot such as Point Blank, or for Tyxarglenak (Exp.1) who is better when unbooted.

Zeb Whateley-Dupont
A rather unique trait, making him a 2 stud at worse if opponent has a higher grit dude in the shootout, and while he’s played in faction. Outside of Fourth Ring he’s just a 0 huckster with 2 draw bullets, not great, but may be good for Sloan if they want to run Hexes and 7’s. He naturally combos strongly with Rosenbaum’s Golem and Black Owl. His major downside is a lack of influence despite his 1 upkeep.

Stewart Davidson
Stewart is most exciting for playing bounty tech outside the original Law Dogs outfit. He can also help Law Dogs outfit place 2 bounties a turn. His discarding a card can also often be a benfit to help draw more cards at the end of your turn. 4 GR isn’t terribly outside of starting dude price range, and he does have an influence and zero upkeep. However, it may be hard to decide what to drop from existing Law Dog line ups. Combos well with Johnny Brocklehurst to reduce the cost when targeting dudes with influence. His cost of discarding a card from hand is often a benefit in cycling cards instead of being forced to leave them in hand.

Sheriff Eli Waters
A stud deputy on Jack value, who can move in from anywhere to join a shootout during resolution if your opponents cheating. He combos very strongly with The Law Goes Underground. He’s also great with Point Blank, and Lemat Revolver. He can also escape a shootout that an opponent is cheating if there is a wanted dude at a different location. Another interesting trick up this dogs sleeve is that when an opponent cheats during low ball, he can move to retake control of a deed held by an opponents wanted dude with 1 influence, allowing you to get the deed’s production, and possibly the deed’s ability first action. This trick could help a Law Dogs landslide style deck.

Adrián Vallejo
Fairly standard cost for a 2 stud with influence. His value combos well with Pinto, which is a strong card to activate his ability. Your dude with a Pinto joins a shootout, then Adrián joins if he has a horse as well. Give him a Yagn’s Mechanical Skeleton and you have a very strong shooter who can react to join a shootout that an opponent has played an ability to join a shootout, especially working to counter Tao of Jade Rabbit.

Prof. Aloysius Roe
Roe really can help open a decks options to play some high difficulty gadgets in a mid value gadgeting deck. Greatest of all is that you choose to activate his ability after you pull, so you only have to use it if you need it. The risk of building a deck this way is if you lose him, you could be failing inventions pulls you weren’t prepared to. He can be used to boost an invention pull enough to Showboat with. Additionally, he is a gadget dude that doesn’t need to be invented, so he combos strongly with Hydro-Puncher, Margaret Hagerty. He’s also great with Decimator Array.

Rabid Rance Hitchcock
Rance is a tricky one to make worth his cost. His bullets aren’t terrible if he’s at a decent production deed, but being a draw, he really needs to be played with a way to make him a stud. He can be a tremendous shooter when you target him with Raising the Stakes, You Had ONE Job! or Bad Company. The ability to move to an out-of-town deed is a nice way of taking over opponents hard to reach lacals. What is really intriguing is his conditional control point. Couple him, Raven, and Protection Racket, and your looking at some serious control points for taking over opponents deeds.

Morgan Lash
Wow, 11 ghost rock! Well, she will hopefully come down in price a bit if you mount up bounty on a dude, but your also providing a possible windfall of money if your heavily wanted dude is removed forcibly. Lash can work well in Desolation Row since you have a dayly way of increasing bounty and ghost rock. A possibly strong combo would be to play Sloane (Exp.1) while having a large number of booted wanted dudes. Then play Lash for cheap as well. That could be a huge swing play, when your opponent was expecting the day was over. Importantly, her trait and React ability can activate while she’s in play, even if she’s not present in the shootout. While the set up for lash is considerable, the reward is having decent shooters become extremely strong shooters, and strong shooters (like herself) become absolute destruction.

Johnny Brocklehurst
Johnny is great for so many outfits and dudes abilities. Make Law Dogs easier to give bounty, further reduce the cost of a deed with MCC, increase the card draw on Eagle wardens when booting a 1 influence. He can increase the ghost rock earned by Androcles Brocklehurst, decrease the cost of using Stewart Davidson, increase “Thunder Boy” Nabbe’s bullet. The list of possible contributions Johnny can make are impressive. While he’s terrible as a shooter, influence without upkeep is not to be sneered at in this game.

Agent Provocateur
A truly exciting stat line, and for only 2 ghost rock! In addition, she can ace at the end of the day to play a dude in hand at a great discount, so that on top of her stats, she can provide up to 4 ghost rock worth of value for only 2. Agent P has a slight draw back though, in that she can’t move, or really do much of anything at all except defend. She can be booted for Law Dogs home. Another built in draw back is that she prevents your dudes from accumulating permanent control points from non-jobs, in other words most importantly showboating. There is a serious danger to playing her in a Showboating deck for this reason, if you don’t manage to get rid of her. Agent P is not good for establishing board dominance first turn, hindering your ability to defend your deeds, or capture opponents deeds. What she will offer though, is a strong defense at home, and a remarkable benefit to deck wanting to build up before heading out.

F1 Burch
An excellent dude choice for decks that want to run strong on king value, helping to flesh out the value while keeping costs lower. The react ability could be extremely useful for sniping a victory by air dropping a Fancy New Hat onto them. Also hilarious fun is shipping a horse air mail. This dude also combos very strongly with Max Baine xp1, essentially playing a non gadget goods card from your discard pile for -1 gr, as well as a stud bonus support dude, who is easy to discard to cover a casualty. This guy showing up mid way through the game, when dudes are spreading out will guarantee a surprise for your opponent. Example: Often I’ve seen low value dudes with influence being moved around to contest a deed against a dude who has booted to move. F1 Burch can drop in a shotgun on your booted dude, and then next action call them out allowing the booted dude with Shotgun to join in and blast them.

Taff’s Distillery
Another card that is useful for landslide, even though it’s ability will help opponents playing jobs. The saloon keyword is a boon to 108 Drunken Masters, as well as a couple bartenders. It is a decent off value card to play in decks running most jobs. The extra card draw can become a real game changer, especially after a job is successful, changing the outcome of the day dramatically depending on what card was drawn. Another consideration is that this deed gives extra benefit to jobs that opponent doesn’t consider worth opposing, giving stronger benefit to non-removal jobs (except those that target your own home)

This deed is perfect to combo with Shotgun, being on value with the goods, and the react ability responding to Shotgun acing dudes. While it is low value, it might be worth playing in a Hellstromme deck. If played in a Jasper Stone deck, an aced dude can pull you double the control points as long as you hold this deed.

Epitaph Branch Office
This deeds ability makes it most likely far to dangerous to include in a landslide deck that is unable to defend their own home. What can I say about this deed, other than it gives a very strong boost to decks that want to bully opponents when facing coward decks hiding at home. It can also be a grand surprise play late game, plopping this deed down than sending a dude to your opponents home after all your opponents dudes have left.

Buffalo Emporium
A nice ranch with extremely desirable basic stats. Play this deed if for only the stats. The value of 6 is on value with a couple very strong Abominations as well. The ability is also useful with non abominations if facing off against players that like cards that send your dudes home booted.

Explorer’s Lodge
This deed is surprisingly strong at keeping opponents from taking control away from you while you have someone holed up in this saloon. Parking Clementine Lepp here can make taking this bar frustrating in deed. Be careful though, and keep a couple ghost rock in reserve, or Clementine could get booted out of the saloon into the town square.

The Oriental Saloon
Good golly, another saloon, and this one follows in the style of Dead Dog Tavern. A nice place for the likes of Buford Hurley and Jimmy “The Saint” to patronage. The ability interestingly only works on booted dudes, so will very rarely work during low ball, but it can actually give an extra incentive to cheat during a shootout. Unbooting a dude during resolution phase can be of enormous importance in using cards like Point Blank, or Outgunned. Also to consider is that this being a React ability, it can affect dudes outside the shootout, even at different locations in town. This deed being combos especially strongly with Walters Creek Distillery as they are on the same value. A complex deed for complex players indeed.

Hellstromme Plant #9
Another deed with excellent stats, and playable if for only that reason. It can grant extra movement to horses, or allow you to ‘reload’ a gadget weapon that you’ve booted. For Hellstromme decks, it can help make sure a gadget weapon that was booted by an opponents card is unbooted. The unbooting might prove quite useful for The Arsenal as well.

Bilton Collection Agency
This deed is subtly restricted from getting use in landslide decks, firstly because “Open Wound” pretty well covers the desired 2-1-1 stat line, but also because it will be practically handing opponents ghost rock every turn. While this deed is an excellent ‘win more’ card for decks pursuing control of opponents deeds that want to run King value deeds, it might be worth including even off value as a potentially large money maker if you maintain control of an opponents deed and your own. Combo with The Place, and you’ll be rolling in rock.


Decimator Array
If there is one unexpected surprise from this set, one card that wowed me immediately and keeps wowing me, it’s Decimator Array. It is so much to handle that I’ll actually rate this card 5 stars. First, it will unboot one of your mad scientists when being invented, so you can unboot the dude inventing the array, or even unboot any of your other mad scientists after it’s invented! That means you could even play this with Wagners Memorial Ranch or Gadgetorium, unboot after inventing, and unboot another mad scientist as well. Secondly, it lowers the upkeep of the mad scientist who is carrying it, essentially increasing your income by 1. Thirdly, if a mad scientist is carrying it, it increases their value by 3 giving higher resistance to Soul blasts and Shotguns. Fourthly, a mad scientist carrying it makes it a sidekick, so it can be discarded to cover a casualty. Fifthly, it’s +1 influence attire, very nice. Sixthly, and most impressively, it can do amazing things to your shootout draw hand. It can turn a cheating 4 of a kind into a legal four of a kind before your opponent can play a cheating resolution if your low ball winner. In the right deck it can turn a terrible draw hand into a flush, or a flush or straight into a straight flush. Combine this with Force Field, and you can hit hand rank 10 or 11 straight flushes by playing a flush that has 4 out of 5 hearts lined up. Decimator Array can also combo strongly with LeMat Revolver by changing your boosted 2 pairs to a boosted full house. Have a couple of these in a shootout and hand ranks will be the least of your worries in a shootout. This gadget along with Coming Up Roses can make straight flushes an absolute breeze. What’s not to love about a gadget that doesn’t keep the inventor booted - sidekick with influence, value boost, upkeep reduction and draw hand manipulation?!?

Devil’s Six
Gun Quite a fascinating new gadget weapon. The fact that the guns value is 3 higher than it’s difficulty makes it a great choice for Gadgetorium decks. Giving a stud and +1 bullet bonus for 3 ghost rock would be over costed if not for its ability. So is it worth it? Oh yeah! Well, most likely, yeah, unless your opponent never cheats. Since you can use the cheatin’ resolution ability during low ball, the gun can help pay for itself if it swings a low ball hand to your favor. It’s presence during a shootout means opponents will have to think very hard about cheating, especially if you couple this with a force field. Most notably about the D6 is how a game of doom town changes dramatically if jokers get shuffled back into a deck, making this gun not just possibly change the outcome of a shootout, but change future shootouts as well. D6 is a good option for gadgeting law dogs, as it can be a good weapon to pull with Janosz Pratt, and it also plays strongly using Drew Beauman’s trait. Putting D6 on Sheriff Waters means any shootout opponents cheats, you’ll be ready to punish.

The Bloody Star
A unique attire is fun. This fan service to Jasper Stone lovers is an eye opener. +2 influence for only 2 Ghost Rock! Seems good, but only if your playing the kind of deck that handles shootouts, since your wide opening your dude to getting shot at anywhere. This is a great asset for shooter dudes that lack influence, such as The Tattooed Man, Tyxarglenak, or Sarah Meoquanee. The bounty boost might interest Desolation Row decks, especially if put on Fred Aims, or Milt Clemons. intriguing is the option of putting The Bloody Star on Clementine Lepp, or Danny Wilde and ignoring the call out issues.

Forsaken Hound
Not a lot to say here, standard costing sidekick. The ability can help make playing Bounty Hunter more effective. This can couple with Requiem for a Good Boy to cause a second shootout round against a more targeted dude. There may even be some use with Festering grasp, as it’s high enough value for huckster 2 or greater. Nightmare Realm is another possible card to combo with old Eureka!

Cavalry Escort
Quite an interesting sidekick and horse. Being a horse, well there’s a lot of horse tech. Being a Sidekick, you can sack this card to cover a casualty instead of losing a dude. This couples well with the ability, bringing the dude it is attached to into the shootout essentially right after resolution plays are over. This can combo well with Arnold McCadish or any harrowed to help mitigate casualties in non blessed decks. Festering grasp also may find use with this sidekick. I’m not sure how often we will see the elimination of extra casualties after resolution phase from cards like Taking You With Me, but it’s nice to see some tech against it, especially if we see more in the future. As for just using it to bring dudes into a shootout, pinto will probably be a better option.

Nightmare Realm
A very useful shootout hex for low value huckster decks. This is perfect for Sloan hucksters especially. The ability to force a dude to not leave a shootout is extremely useful for Full Moon Brotherhood and/or Jasper Stone decks. This hex also works wonders at disrupting Rabbit’s deception, as well. The value penalty won’t usually do much for you the round you cast, but it might bring a dude into shotgun range the following round, especially considering the bullet bonus. This can combo strongly with Corporeal Twist as well.

An exciting card for miracles, and quite a workhorse of a card as well. Sentinel can really help holy warriors chase down opponents trying to out chess your best shooters. The bullet buffs also can make many of your draw blessed dudes much more in a shootout. This can combo with many other bullet buff miracles, but especially Onward Christian Soldiers or Intercession. The option to turn the spell in for control points can really help blessed decks deal with the cowardly, especially if combined with Father T. who can grab Sentinel back after it was discarded.

A strong new value 7 miracles, and a new Cheatin’ Resolution. I like the multi functionality of the ability. It can be used to help win against some cheating low ball hands. In a shootout, it can mean a legal full house will beat a cheating 4 of a kind. And then the casualties your opponent takes can be more targeted as you may boot a dude home. At worst, it can cause you to take no casualties if your losing by up to 5 hand ranks, and then you can kick their best shooter out. This card has obvious use with Kidnapping decks, especially if you surprise a dude or small posse out of position, and they are forced to decide between a cheating full house or a legal 2 pairs.

Raven’s Ruin
A nice totem to set up on opponents deeds. Obviously, Raven decks might enjoy the optional reinforcement movement, as well as the possible ghost rock generation. This totem will benefit from Spirit Trail, to help you set up the totem at opponents out-of-town deed, or if you are avoiding the town square and would rather fight on the Raven targeted deed. It can also combo strongly with Tse-Che-Nako’s Weaving.

A nice way to counter bullet penalties being applied to your dudes, as well as a counter to opponents stacking bullet buffs from actions and spells. Additionally, this card can help counter Rabbit fu by preventing opponents from leaving the shootout, or you can target your own dude to keep them from getting booted from the shootout. A useful tech card that might see much more benefit than planned.

A nice buff miracle, especially since the first ability is a react, and so can happen during any phase, and even from being cast outside a shootout. Intercession even performs as a decent partial counter to Rabbit Takes Revenge. The second ability option is extremely interesting however. The bullet buff is substantial, and you can often dump those bonus bullets onto a supporting dude who won’t be the shooter. The wicked combo is with Point Blank, since you can unboot your dude to fulfill the boot requirement, increase the dudes bullets, and increase an opponents supporting dudes bullets that may cause them to be ineligible to be the chosen dude to ace which may help target your point blank (I.E. play this to make a 1 stud dude a 3 stud, who will ace their 2 bullet dude, and increase their 1 bullet draw support dude to 3 draw, now an ineligible choice since they are not lower bullets.), in addition to the fact that it’s on value as well!

People haven’t been playing One Good Turn. much for it’s cheating resolution, so now 6 gets a Cheating Resolution worth playing on an illegal hand. It means a cheating opponents best attachment gets shut down, and one of your dudes gets to be a studly shooter. If it happens during a shootout you’ll take no casualties. It won’t change a losing shootout hand into a winner like It’s What You Know, but it will mean you start the next round in a stronger position. Very interesting is the possibility of using this card to shut off your opponents cheating resolution attachment to help your cheating ways.

Grim Servant O’ Death
A card that’s presence can change the behavior of your opponents. This card can really help most shootouts, since it is very common for players to have dudes they don’t want to get involved in a shootout, either because you have a shotgun in the posse, or because they are keeping some influence safe at home or at a saloon. If your opponent doesn’t want Randall or Clementine to join the fight they will begin fighting a very tough fight. The fascinating bit about this card is that if your defending a job or a call out, you can use Grim Servant to target a dude not in your posse. It can then either be used to reinforce your posse, or strengthen your shooter and punish your opponent if they cheat. What an amazing card. A very strong card whose biggest issue is competing with the likes of Kidnappin’, Pinned Down, and Comin’ Up Roses. This card is very well suited for Raven and Jasper Stone and Full Moon Brotherhood decks.

Behold White Bull
Behold, the finisher to Bull Demon King tao. What a card! Perfectly matching the comboing tao cards, causing casualties to you and your opponent, but you have casualty reduction, so it’s your opponent that loses dudes. The tao is difficult to pull off though, since 250 Rounds requires you to control the location. The values of the actions are pretty high as well, so it will be restricted to kung fu dudes with decent influence and fairly high values. This can be helped with 108 Drunken Masters and Baijiu Jar. Lastly, the whole thing can be shut off by an opponent playing a headline. With all that requirement and challenge to pull off properly, there is huge reward kung fu dudes who succeed at the White Bull move.

You Had ONE Job!
Woooh, more bounty tech. This one usable for wanted dudes, or against wanted dudes. Heck it’s even great for dirty Law Dogs who are putting bounty on their own dudes. This card is great for making Silas Aims a studly shooter, and combos strongly with Framed to turn an opponents shooter into a draw. The nice thing is, this card has a second use if no wanted level 3 dudes are around or worth choosing. The Resolution ability is great for keeping your dudes alive when your not willing to cheat but your opponent is. Sometimes your dudes just need to survive, and this card can help them as long as you can play legal. There are opportunities for You Had ONE Job! to combo with Force Field when your opponent is cheating.

Friends in High Places
This card isn’t what it stops, but what it allows you to do. Friends in High Places allows high influence dudes to step from their home to the town square, ignore a call out, then move to an opponents deed. This can be used for strong chess movement that is important to the game. As can also combo very strongly with noon actions that target dudes at the same location, such as Puppet. It can be used to help you plant totems at a location instead of needing to defend against a shootout. Another way Friends in High Places can be used is to call out a specific dude in response. Often Sloan’s Gang will be blocking the town square building CP’s on Allie. If you go to ace her with a shotgun, they will call you out and not include Allie in the fight. This card can help you pick someone you want to get involved in the fight. The other function is this card can make a dude a stud, or give a dude back their stud rating if it was removed. You have to have greater influence, so it seems best suited for Eagle Wardens or Morgan Cattle Company.

Shan Fan Showdown!
The perfect way to counter Calling The Cavalry, Behold White Bull, Hex Slinging, Force Field and many others. It being a Headline also shuts off some of the most powerful shootout actions that could ruin your plans in a fight. You’ll need to be bringing a non-melee weapon though. The card combos strong with Rapier since it’s on value, but is also high value so can suit a deck playing Stokers Saber and spells. If your local meta is abusing certain cards, this is a strong silver bullet. Even if your not facing those threats, you can use it to turn a draw dude carrying a rapier into a stud.

The Winning Agenda
My personal favorite card of the set. I love deck and hand manipulation. This card combos very strongly into a abomination heavy deck running Ivor xp1 and Buried Treasure. You can discard the abomination in hand, ace it with Buried Treasure (gaining back your spent GR) and play Ivor xp1 and the aced abominations for very cheap. It also helps Showboating decks cycle cards in hand whither they are looking for more showboating to give them control points, or more spells to play. The other use of The Winning Agenda is to pump up your hand rank vs. cheaters. This is great to play when you have a 3 influence dude in the shootout and your opponent is trying to beat your hand ranks by cheating. It can be a great cheating resolution for a straight flush deck that are pushing the opponent to cheating 5 of a kind.


On Forsaken Hound, it’s actually quite a useful card to play alongside Stone. You only get his ability for one shootout each turn, and often after the first shootout round your opponent will absorb any casualties on dudes other than Stone’s target and then have that dude flee home, depriving your shooter of any bonuses for subsequent rounds. This locks Stone’s target into fighting for another round, which means even if you don’t get the dude you’re after, you’ve got the chance to cause another casualty and whittle down your opponent’s board.


Splendid summary.

It touches on lots of detailed features of cards, such as Morgan Lash’s ability being a react and therefore usable even when she isn’t in the shootout and how the timing around Jasper Stone’s bullet bonuses and control point gain works. :thumbsup:

I retain my view that Morgan Lash is surprisingly affordable: even losing lowball I could often afford some deeds, then her and some spells by turn two:


  • Two starting GR, 3 after upkeep (assumes 1 upkeep, lowball lost).
  • Attach a 1 GR spell, run the job with John “Aces” Radcliffe = 4GR in stash, 2 bounty
  • Play a 3 GR for +2 deed = 1GR in stash


  • Assuming lowball is lost = 4GR in stash after upkeep
  • Run the job with John “Aces” Radcliffe = 7GR in stash, 4 bounty
  • Hire Morgan Lash for 11GR-4GR bounty = 0 ghost rock in stash

This does leave you with 4 upkeep and 5 production going in to T3 but you can hopefully keep running the job to make more GR, or may have won lowball in an earlier turn and got a stronger economy going. If you’re a bit more disciplined and wait until T3, you can get a bargain Morgan Lash with a strong economy in the background to fund her upkeep, so I often start spreading the bounties around with Makaio from T2 or T3 onwards. :slight_smile:


As we have witnessed in Shekky Ducky and Prodigy’s final Servitor Series game, Morgan Lash is very good, but takes some set up. Great late game if you have built for it and have some economy, not as great in the opening hand most likely.

I also noticed and would point out the number of cards that help keep dudes in a shootout. This really helps Jasper Stone, but also gives some counters some of the hit and run or shootout control that has been very strong in shootouts.


That’s an excellent summary of Morgan Lash, good to get some video evidence of it in play from two fine players just as we’re discussing it. :slight_smile:

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My respect for Morgan Lash skyrocketed after actually seeing her in action, for sure!


In game testing is so valuable, both for playtesting and competitive play.

I’ve always been grateful to @Ijiasu for packing in some late night playtesting before one Huddersfield Sheriff event a few years ago when a new saddlebag came out and I wanted to consider adding John “Aces” Radcliffe to a starting posse in Desolation Row, as both a quasi stud and also because with three bullets he’s good at robbing the town.

Similarly, wacky combos that seem very strong can often be frightening when new cards are released, but sometimes testing shows they’re too slow/fragile to be tournament viable (but fun when they go off).

While an older topic, has reviewed TCaR and will also be reviewing the entire Tombstone Trilogy!