Thoughts on the current environment?

So, how is balance post errata? What are the most competitive decks, do you think?

Personally, I am very happy with the current game environment. I think we have shifted somewhat from an environment of extremes (where viable decks are either super aggressive or super passive) to one where mid-tempo decks can survive long enough to gain traction and build momentum. The MCC Stables/Wagner decks are a good example, but I think other outfits can do the same.

I’ve had success - in my small community - with so many outfits, themes, and sub-themes that I think (when one factors in the luck/bluff component) the field is practically wide open. What am I missing?


I’m digging the environment. There are a few sleeper hits. But with Gencon around the corner, I’m positive every one is playing it close to the chest. And with the spoilers we’ve seen so far, I think SB11 is going to have a huge impact on the meta.


I’d say things are very open at the moment and every faction has a chance of doing well (yes, even the Law Dogs!). Based on what I saw at the European Marshal and in general over the past few months Eagle Wardens and Morgan are currently popular, with successful Spirit Fortess/Town Square Blockade and a variety of interesting gadget and/or horse decks respectively.

The 108 Righteous Bandits are also doing well. There isn’t any one particular decktype I’ve seen being successful locally, which is nice as it suggests there are multiple paths to victory. Banditslide seems to be the favoured strategy for them in the USA if Facebook is anything to go by.


I think the recent errata blew the environment wide open, and so far is a huge success. You aren’t missing anything - it really is so wide open that nearly anything is viable at this point.

You can tell things are healthy because of a few different points.

  1. The top 4/top 8 and other winning decks have been all over the place post-errata.

  2. Look at the discussion going on about how to defeat certain archetypes, or try to make a deck that does really good against all the current field of top tier decks. It’s nearly impossible! There is such a variety that you are always sacrificing against one archetype to do better against others. That, right there, is a healthy meta.

  3. Like Alex pointed out, there are definitely some sleeper cards/archetypes out there that are sure to appear at GenCon. My current deck hasn’t even remotely appeared on any decklist anywhere, as far as I’ve seen, and it’s been doing very well against a wide variety of archetypes. I know there are others out there, as well. Unfortunately my cat will be out of the bag coming this weekend at the chicago outlaw, but I have no doubt we’ll see some new, interesting stuff at GenCon.


The deck I’ve been testing is the same. Not out there yet.

Heh. I can’t wait to see what these ideas you guys have are. I’ve been throwing together deck ideas for a Derringer Deputy event coming up this weekend. It’s making me look again at cards that I don’t usually use, and it should be interesting to see what people come up with. I doubt there’ll be anything meta-defining though :stuck_out_tongue:.

I’ve not really been thinking much about new standard decks recently. That I’m not going to GenCon undoubtedly factors into that. Also, the UK Doomtown tournament scene has been taking a few weeks’ break post-Marshal, so things will be kicking off again proper in a couple of weeks and I’ll have to get back into brewing up ideas. Hopefully the new saddlebag will be out by then too!

I’ve seen pr0digy’s deck. I was very impressed with it. I really don’t want to even hint at its capabilities, but I will say, I started wondering what i can do against it that it can’t do better.

My (AEG’s) timing is impeccable.

“The game is great! Look how balanced the environment is! The field is wide open!”

Now let’s shut 'er down folks!

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Ride 'er out Teddy. Db0 seems to think where the game ends is a sweet spot for balance.


Well, back on topic: I am glad that others find this to be a unpredictable (and enjoyable) environment. I’ll be very curious to see what these “sleeper” decks/cards are that y’all are hinting at mysteriously. As you say: Gencon is sure to shine an interesting light on the current competitive scene.

Personally I think Wardens, Morgan, and 108s are probably the best equipped (with quality dudes and synergy). But it’s so close that a decisive draw/shootout/matchup with any outfit can swing games.

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There are some very small tricks that people aren’t catching that slow Deedslide way down. It’s not the boogie man it just requires good play to consistently beat.

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