Thowdown in Frogtown - Toledo, OH Sheriff Badge Event - 8/15//2015

Here is the official summary and final standings for the “Throwdown in Frogtown” held at Frogtown Hobbies in Toledo, OH.

19 players in all with 20 registered for the event. One person did not show up, but had pre-registered. We ended up with 5 players from Toledo, but the majority of our players were out of town. 5 more from Michigan, 5 from Central Ohio, 3 form Cleveland, and 1 from Parts Unknown. Unfortunately the Cincinnati group could not attend due to scheduling. Maybe next time. All in all the even covered about a 150 mile radius.

I (Travis Rhoades) served as TO/Head Judge, while my lovely wife Elizabeth served as Scorekeeper.

All of our players are notable in their own way, however some of the previously tournament successful players included:

  • Nick Glazer - Gen-Con Runner-up and Playtest Team Member
  • Dylan Young - Origins Runner-up
  • Ernest Cummings - Winner of the Cincinnati Sheriff Event

With 19 players, we had 5 Rounds of Swiss with a cut to the Top 4. Nick Glazer finished the Swiss Rounds at 4-0-1 to be the only undefeated. All 4 Factions were represented in the Top 4:

  1. Nick Glazer - Morgan Cattle Co.
  2. Dylan Young - Desolation Row
  3. Chad Crider - Oddities of Nature
  4. Michael Meike - Law Dogs

In the end the Sheriff’s Badge was taken home by Michael Meike and his Hangin’ Judge Harry deck. Congrats!

Final Standings:


  • Sheriff’s Kit
  • Custom “Throwdown in Frogtown” poker chips
  • 2x additional Lane Healey play mat
  • 1x additional Micha Ryse XP play mat
  • 6x additional Law Dogs deck tins
  • Bowie Knife (actual knife) to the “Nicest Dude in Gomorra”

“Nicest Dude in Gomorra” was a special sportsmanship award donated by Chad Crider. The award was voted on after the cut by all players. In the end the youngest player of the bunch, Xander Taylor took home the Bowie knife. To quote Chad Crider regarding Xander:

Of all the people there, Young Xander had a love, and passion, not just for the game, but for connecting with the people he played with. It felt really good to see a young man playing a game, that… well lets be honest, we weren’t exactly a Yu Gi Oh Crowd right?

A great time was had by all. Only one minor technical glitch with Round 5 pairings was resolved by our amazing Scorekeeper, and things went smoothly after that.

Thank you to all the great players!