Tombstone, Copenhagen, Twilight Protocol FAQ!

Howdy pardners! As we prepare to assemble a FAQ document by October, we want to hear from you first! What questions will you have about our upcoming trilogy of events and Denmark in 2020. Information on the 2019 European event is also being discussed :cowboy_hat_face:. More news to follow!


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Wanted to update everyone!

We’re all set for GenghisCon! Pine Box Entertainment will be located in the board game hall with Greenhorn events on Thursday and Sunday, ‘Twilight Is Upon Us’ variant event on Friday, and Part 1 of the Twilight Protocol Trilogy to take place on Saturday. This is all occurring outside Denver from February 21-24, 2019. With a whole room dedicated to Savage Worlds, there will be plenty of Deadlands to play as well pardners! All Doomtown events are slated for High Noon.

Next up is Chupacabrocon from May 3-5, 2019, as we continue the Twilight Protocol Series as the tally of Good v. Evil from the GenghisCon variant events continue and players then vote during the main event on who will join the Texas Rangers in the fight to save the Weird West. We’ve already been in talks with the Chupacabrocon board and the Pine Box events are already submitted (taking place on 2pm each day).

Last is our big Destination Event in Tombstone! We are currently in talks with the Larian Motel for a block of rooms and setting up plans for a grand weekend of exploring Tombstone and playing Doomtown! We start with picking folks coming in on Wednesday-Thursday in Tucson (Oct 23-24, 2019), followed by social events, a day of vacation around town, and a full Saturday of Doomtown with Top 8 on Sunday, concluding the Twilight Protocol Trilogy.

At that time we’ll have some more details on the 2020 Destination Event in Copenhagen :slight_smile:


Good read on Tombstone :cowboy_hat_face:


GenghisCon hotel information:

We are currently working on information for Tombstone regarding transportation, hotels, and schedule :slight_smile:


Chupacabron early bird badges are up for sale for those joining us for part 2 of the Twilight Protocol Series!

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Information on Act I: The Agency will be up this weekend