Tombstone Worlds Destination Event 2019: Deck Lists


The following is in final standings order.

  1. Dave Hogg, Full Moon Brotherhood: The Last Laugh

  2. Lee Patrick Fair, The Law Dogs: Law Dog Bounty 5/8/10

  3. David Winner, Eagle Wardens: I’m Takin’ My Land Back!

  4. Laura Scott, 108 Gracious Gifts: Shanghai Squad

  5. Will Wright, The Spiritual Society: Where Did the Hats Go?

  6. Zachary Seldon, Protection Racket w/Raven: Let’s Cook

  7. Charles Penn, Smith & Robards: Greatest (Trade) Show on Earth!

  8. Tomas Ramirez, Protection Racket w/Stone: Johnny Kill Good

  9. Joe James Meredith, The Law Dogs: Judged by God

  10. Alex Con Honn, The Law Dogs: Law Dogs Tombstone 10th Seed

  11. James Carson, Justice in Exile w/Stone: Vigilante Justice

  12. Erika Dawson, Morgan Regulators: Horsin’ Around

  13. Max Way, The Arsenal: Faith and Fear

  14. Daniel Agnew, The Sanitorium: Mayor Quimby Leaves Town

  15. Andrew Davidson, Den of Thieves: Howard’s Hustle

  16. Colin Dawson, Justice in Exile: LawClaw

  17. Victoria Seigler, Smith & Robards w/Hellstromme: Faith in Science

  18. Indigo Penn, Oddities of Nature: Oddities of Tombstone

  19. Will Herrmann, Eagle Wardens: Warpath 2.0
    Published version: Warpath 2.0

  20. Jordan Pridgen, House of Many Faiths: Gabriel Prior Comes to Tombstone

  21. Trey Tucker, Morgan Regulators w/Raven: Tucson Regulators

  22. Joe Sallitt, Oddities of Nature w/Stone: Stone’s Oddities: Deckbuilder · DoomtownDB

  23. Victoria Wright, The Law Dogs: Victoria’s Tombstone Quaterman
    Derived from: Robot Jesus Saves

  24. Stefan Topfstedt, Morgan Regulators: Berkeley Regulators

  25. Jordan Caves-Callerman, The Law Dogs: WildCards Marshal Comes to Tombstone

  26. Aaron Schnabel, Office of Ancestral Affairs w/Doc Holliday: Doctor’s Office

  27. Drew Kallen-Keck, 108 Gracious Gifts: Isle of Games Comes to Tombstone

  28. Michael Seigler, The Sloane Gang: The Sluckstering

  29. Joe Oberbeck, The Sloane Gang: Sloane Monsters

Analysis from dtdb comments and PBE: comment on your own as well!
-Both finalists used Too Much Attention in their decks
-The Top 8 consisted of all 6 factions! In major events lately there appeared to be a trend that First Peoples were ending in 9th/10th place, whereas in Tombstone, Eagle Wardens and Spiritual Society were both in the cut.
-Protection Racket continues to be the dominant outfit choice of the Outlaws in the cut and while always had an obvious pairing with Raven, this event shown it can pair with Stone as well.
-All currently legal Legends except for Grimme were represented in the event.
-Popular Values: 8,9,10, Q
-Starting Henry, Willa, or both is taking precedent over a Grifter as a player’s ‘bullet catcher’

Side Event Decks:
-Voted best Theme Deck: David Winner, Dora the Explorer
-Voted 2nd best Theme Deck: Indigo Penn, It’s So Fluffy!
-Fear Level Winner: Joe James Meredith, The Doctor’s Office

More Theme Decks:
Dave Hogg, Butch Deuces’ Last Stand
Aaron Schnabel, Rough Night on the Town
Daniel Agnew, Ghostly Fun
Will Hermann, UnDeath and Taxes

As we’ve previewed Andrew Lane at GenghisCon, Hank Ketchum at ChupaCabracon, Lacy O’Malley was spoiled at Tombstone. All 3 will be released in the next Doomtown expansion, ‘Hell’s Comin’ With Me’!

We hope these 3 Legends will provide even more variety of decks moving forward for players to build that we’re looking forward to seeing in 2020!


So I haven’t heard any discussion about the slightly altered time format at Worlds this year. For those who were there, what did you think?

For those who weren’t (@Lapp correct me if I’m wrong please): We had either 55 mins or 1 hour (can’t remember), and after that time there was a time warning called, then an additional 5 minutes + 1d6 minutes, for a total of 6-10 extra random minutes that nobody knew exactly until time was called - at which case you proceed immediately to sundown as normal.

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It was as follows:
-Time warning at 55 minutes; this is the only warning
-Actual time is 1 hour plus random 1-6 minutes known only by the TO

We welcome feedback for this as we look to make the new updates before the next Series.
This will also be used at PAX Unplugged

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Updated with a few more entries!