T'ou + Companhurst's

If I start both T’ou Chi Chow and have a core deed, will his cost be reduced by 1 for the purposes of my starting ghost rock?

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I’ll reply since I know the team is hard at work on discussing another rules thread.

EDIT: The following involved our initial ruling, which was too fast on the draw! We thank you all for your patience and understanding as we adjusted this ruling.

The answer is Yes! The starting lineup of dudes and/or deeds is revealed simultaneously, then paid for, therefore you control core deeds at the time you are paying for Chow.

Since you’re hiring all of the dudes and core deed simultaneously, you wouldn’t benefit from T’ou Chi Chow’s discount (or Ivor Hawley Exp.'s discount).

The reply from @Lapp is correct.

You reveal all dudes and core deeds at the same time and then pay for them. Therefore Chow looks to see if any deeds are in play and then his cost is paid.

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Please note only rulings from PBE rules team and employee’s are official. We would ask politely that members of the community refrain from posting replies on the rules forum as it can be confusing for people researching rulings.

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Following another interaction with this ruling we have found. It has been decided to reverse our previous ruling on this. As such our new ruling is that Chow cannot gain the benefit of having a deed in play.