Tournament Winning Decklists

Hey everyone,

We have a thread for Deputy tournament winners, but it would be great to have a thread with all tournament winning decklists so people can see how the meta is changing over time. I ran this past Alex and he was for it. I suggest a standard approach to posting our lists so that if we ever want to use automation in the future to capture the data we could. If anyone has a suggestion to add to it let me know. I’ll start us off with information from a tournament on Saturday.

Date: May 23rd, 2015
Location: Ashburn, VA, US
Players: 7
Winner: Feliks (Chris Briley)
Winning Decklist: Aggressive Law Dogs 3/7/8 OP2 Kit Winner · DoomtownDB
Comments: Played against Oddities of Nature, 4R Control, and a mirror match against a friend with a nearly identical deck. First time using Gomorra Jail and it was huge.