Trouble @ the Circus (My Sheriff tournament experience)

Warning this is long and maybe boring so you are warned.

Early Morning Sunday July 19th, me and the guys from Team Covenant saddle up and head out to Oklahoma City, our goal bring the Sheriff’s Badge to Tulsa.

The Covenant consist of:
Tim “The Pun” Bunn
Jessie a.k.a Dad
Me (Micah)

The road trip was boring however the Waffle Champion fed us well. Scary moment of the day Grant took us to McDonald’s to buy time before the store opened, however that was the worse decision he made all day, it looked like McDonald’s however it seemed more like a halfway house. What kind of place requires you to have a key to use a toilet? Oh that’s right OKC McDonald’s. Well after that excitement we head out to “Little Shop of Games”

Before I start with my Day (besides might have some names wrong) here is the deck I used (mplain had an identical deck already posted yeah time saved for me) Law Dogs 4+6+8 Deputies · DoomtownDB

Round 1, I rode with him for over 100 miles.
Jessie a.k.a Dad - Desolation Row
this match made it to day three with each Day a Sloane Gang member found themselves at the wrong end of the barrel.


Round 2,
Staton - Desolation Row
A different starting line up, I allowed Pancho free reign in row job, and slowly roped out his backers taking them down one at a time, however Stanton played a government Deed and Swinford took himself and a Quickdraw over to take a peek at the town council. Caught “off guard” Philip got called out by Pancho who decided not to run a job, knowing my opponent had at least one pistol whip from the start of the game, I boot a roan to move in Tommy to lend a hand only to be booted by the pistol whip, so here I am facing a Pancho who is drawing 9 and I’m drawing 5 discard 2. After drawing 4 4’s not cheating and an 8 to my opponent’s shock I state I’m ready. Dead Pancho -1 cp, and 6 Ghost Rock later game is won on Control Points.


Round 3
Jeremy Lilian Morgan deedslide?
short game 3rd day win I took his deeds and scared off his people, while piling up bounty due to B&B, with 18 Gold I did hesitate paying upkeep on Steven Wiles, drew my bounty Hunter who proceeded to Rope and Ride Lilian into town square for Rafi to watch which made him a stud (winchester) so with Lilian down, the MCC brought out a Frenchman who found out old Swinney is faster on the draw not once but twice, after Remy paid to get a temporary bullet bonus, game set match.


Okay here is the deal I have played against Grant’s 4th Ring deck 40 times and only to lose all those matches, I can only hope someone beat him, but nope he won all his matches.

So how the guy who drove The Covenant Posse and who knows my deck just as well as I do, proceeds to give me my first loss.

Since there was 16 players one would be 4-0 guaranteed finales, so now I had to hope at least one of my earlier opponents wins so I’d have the highest strength of schedule.

Well made it to the finals and as in the past so it is now, I still haven’t beaten Grant’s 4th Ring deck.

I was more than happy to take 2nd place at this Sherrif’s event so now, I need to sharpen my skills and find away to beat 4th Ring ah who am I kidding? Micah Rise I have avoided my namesake way to long.

Thanks for reading.