True Grit (A table of grit values for all dudes)

I have updated my Grit List up to Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force.

What is it?

A sortable, searchable, filterable, modificationable list of every dude in the game and their grit value

What is it for?

Ever wondered how many people are completely immune to death by Soul Blast? (60 if you assume a Huckster 2 making the pull and hitting a King)

What does it do?

As well as a handy guide to grit at a glance, you can add modifiers with the 2 sections on the right so you can see the optimal pull value you need to hit the dudes you expect to see in your local metas.

And plenty of other assorted math porn stuff to mess around with. This version is locked to view only so you will need to save it to your own drive.


The modifiers section is not as simple as you’ve made it.

Incubation does not give Lucy Clover a modified Grit of -2 (3 - 5). It gives her a modified Grit of 2, Value 1 (it can’t be reduced any lower), Bullets 0, Influence 1.

The rules say that Bullets and Influence can drop below 0 but are counted as 0 when used for a game calculation. Value can only be reduced to 1 and this also applies when calculated as part of a dude’s grit (Page 27 for those interested).

So the question is if someone were to have the modified values Value 3, Bullets -1, Influence -1 do they have a grit of 1 or 3? I would argue 3 but it’s not entirely clear.

After looking at the composite rules, this is ruled that Lucy Clover has 3 grit.

Yeah I need to work on the modifiers side of things, but that’s a whole extra level of maths I need to add in. It’s on the “to do” list. Until then, you are sadly left to your own devices on that one until I get it in place. It shouldn’t cause too much of a headache though.

Updated with Nightmare At Noon and Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force.

Currently working on tweaking the maths for the modifiers to take into account minimum value = 1 etc

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Updated all the way up to Ghost Town and because Geoff complained it now has more accurate maths :smile: