Tumblebleeds + Idol of Tlazolteotl

Two questions:

  1. Once I attach Tumblebleeds with its Noon action, can I move it with Idol of Tlazolteotl? If not, why not?

  2. If Yes to 1, does the Job remove Tumblebleeds from Town Square (the marked location), or anywhere?

Under discussion. We’ll way in shortly.

Action • Cost 0
During shootouts at this location, the losing posse takes an additional casualty.
Each player gains the ability: “Noon Job: Mark the town square. If successful, discard a number of attached Tumblebleeds! equal to the number of dudes in your posse.”
Noon: Boot your Huckster to attach this card to town square.

Idol of Tlazolteotl
Goods • Cost 2
During High Noon, this dude has +2 influence.
Noon, Boot: Choose a card that you own and that is attached to a location. Attach it legally to a deed you control.

For a card to Legally attach to a deed, it must have text allowing it to do so.

So anything the Idol moves has to attach to a deed fitting the original requirements and that you currently control as per Idol.

Improvements themselves have text specifying what they attach to:
For Instance:
Automated Cattle Feeder can only move onto other Ranches.
Legal Instruments still needs to attach to an unbooted In-Town deed.
Auto Gatling can move from your home to a deed you control, but not vice versa (as per Idol’s restrictions.)
Doomsday Supply states it attaches to your home, so it can’t be moved by Idol.

As for action cards, they only ever attach via their own text.
Tummy Twister specifies that it attaches to any deed, and could be moved by the Idol to any deed you control.

Anything that only attaches to a Home or Town Square via their own text, such as:
Inner Struggle, Fiddle Game, Putting the Pieces Together, Fool Me Once, & Tumblebleeds
wouldn’t be able to move onto a deed via the Idol, because it is not legal for them to attach to a deed.

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