UK Games Expo European Marshal Event - Who Here's Going?

You’re probably aware that there’s a Marshal event happening this weekend at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham. Based on number of tickets sold it looks like it’s going to be the largest single Doomtown event yet. How many of you Gazette readers are going?

I’ll be there with several decks. I should really start thinking about what I’m going to play in the tournament…


I’m there from Thursday night to Monday morning :slight_smile:

Like the Four Tops, I’ll be There.

Looking forward to seeing various folks I met in Edinburgh/Huddersfield and to putting faces to some forum names. :smiley:

I’ll be there - going under the name of Anders :smiley:

The danish posse arrives friday morning (except for a scout we will send in thursday).

In total we will be 5 danes gunning for the badge.

It would be cool if people can add their first name when saying they’ll be going - I cant remember who has which nick…

Pffft, If you don;t know me by now we’re having words :stuck_out_tongue:

I can only make it for the event itself so won’t be there until Saturday morning. Hoping to arrive with plenty of time to see people before we start though, assuming you’re all awake


We still have a game to settle! We need rules to be decided upon! Any ideas?

Looking through the thread we had I like the following:

“In order to be involved in a posse dudes must either BE a gadget or HAVE a gadget - non gadget dudes without gadgets cannot call out, start a job or join a posse by any means”

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Good point on the names thing - I’m Robert!