Understanding Jobs

Hi all,

My girlfriend and I have been playing for a while, and she’s been trying a Sloane deck (I believe something like this one: Aces in the hole - 1st place Deputy Tournament (The Appraise · DoomtownDB).

Unfortunately, neither of us really grasp how to most effectively use jobs, which causes her (and me) a lot of frustration when we play. We’re gearing up for GenCon, and would love some advice.

My deck, that she plays against most, is roughly this: Deckbuilder · DoomtownDB

Does anyone have good thoughts on how to run jobs effectively?

The most common mistake I’ve seen people make when executing Jobs is over-committing and having too many people end up booted at home, unable to contest. Whenever you’re about to start a Job ask yourself a few questions:

  1. How much do I need to commit to succeed on this job?
  2. What will my board state look like after the job? Will I lose some key control (of a deed, Town Square, opponents Income, my income, etc.)
  3. What do I get from the job?

If you’re getting less out of the job than you’re giving up in board state, especially because of what you need to commit just DON’T DO THE JOB. Doomtown is a game about not losing as much as it is a game about winning. Sometimes all an opponent needs is for you to over commit in order to destroy you.


I remember forgetting my deck had coach comes to town in it and then played multiplayer… Oops!

Jobs have a targeted effect. You have to decide if your opponent is going to try and stop it and if so what you need to commit to force it through. If that commitment is too much don’t do it. Having people that don’t go in the job but can join in later like Angelica is superb.

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This is also why, when it comes to jobs, cards that move you into a posse as a shootout play are invaluable. You can send a chump to do the job alone, and if your opponent defends, especially by booting in (making him less able to punish you for being booted at home), go ahead and send your heavies in on their pintos.

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Thanks for the advice all!

We’ll be testing out decks again tonight/tomorrow, and I look forward to the changes.

Another question on jobs: When a dude starts a job from an ability on their card, are they automatically the leader? Like when experienced Judge Somerset starts his job, he’s the leader and the Gunslinger token joins him?

Correct. This is also true if a job comes from a card attached to a dude – that dude is the leader.

Note also that even if the job doesn’t require you to boot the leader, the leader must be unbooted to start the job.

Aldo note the leader does not have to be your main shooter

And your Leader doesn’t have to be in your posse at the end for the job to succeed. You just have to win in general.

On the whole yes, but Des Row home ability only works if the leader is still in the posse at completion