Unofficial OCTGN league starts soon (Friday 23rd)

The link to the new league:
Password as always dtr1.
Once again we have to chose one faction, but we can use different decks. I would ask everyone to inform their opponents if they intend to switch decks between games (when you play two games in a row) and allow other player to reset if they already loaded a deck and would prefer to swap it .
The biggest changes to official leagues are: shorter league,this one is two weeks long (three weekends) and only top three qualifies to the next round, 2nd player in regular part of the league will play against 3rd one to determine who faces the winner in the final.


The final of the league will be played between @shekky_ducky and @DeputyWay.


Good luck guys! And please post here when you have your game(s) scheduled so we can spectate.

The final match between @DeputyWay and myself is scheduled for tonight, 9/11/19 at 7:30pm Eastern.

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