Unprepared: Technical Errata

One more time with feeling: [Here][1]

TL,DR: An unprepared shaman can use totems, and if you attach new goods to an unprepared dude(via EG; concealed weapons) he can its abilities.
[1]: http://www.alderac.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=375&t=115332&sid=6880b5110b36134ec5070a39740729de

With the originals, the reprints, the OP3 promos and presumably another set of reprints in the future, we should never be short of copies of Unprepared :smile:

9 more errata and we can use them as card backers :smile:
(not really)

Makes sense. I’d always assumed anything attached to a dude after Unprepared worked anyway.

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So, are we getting a third version of this card?

My guess is no. This feels more like an intent thing.

Ban the card don’t play it. It’s not a good card it’s useless in 3 percent of the decks in the meta. Just kidding I like the card but the constant rule changes to this card makes me feel like I need an updated faq every two days. Agree @alex

This card causes a surprising amount of headaches.

Because you are Unprepared :smiley:


I do my postin’ before breakfast.

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