Update from our Pardners at DriveThru Cards

Update on Overseas Shipping
"For years, we’ve been on a quest to find ways to mitigate the shipping costs to customers outside the U.S.

One possible solution: find a European-based card print partner.

However, it’s been difficult to find a suitable partner that meets all of our needs and requirements for print quality, card size offerings, pricing, etc. We’ve come close a few times, but, alas, the search continues.

Yet another path we investigated was a way to consolidate our overseas shipments and gain savings from that consolidation. In that, we’ve succeeded.

As of Monday, May 10, customers now see reduced USPS shipping rates for international card shipments. The savings over prior international shipping rates is 20%. (If our collective volume reaches certain thresholds, we’ll be able to increase this to 30% at some point, and that, too, will be passed on to the customer.)

Added bonus: We typically have lost tracking of card shipments to overseas destinations once they leave the U.S. Now, through this program, customers in most countries will be able to track shipments to their door.

Note: Because we’re consolidating international orders and shipping to a partner facility for reshipment, transit time may include extra days.

We hope these cost savings benefit you and your customers."

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