Use of Jokers?

I’ve heard people say you should always run two jokers in your deck. I’ve heard people say you should only run jokers when you’re running spells or gadgets. Every time I’ve run them, I always end up with them in my starting hand or a lowball hand (and when I don’t run them, I still get 5-of-a-kinds in lowball more than I do in shootouts. My luck is awful sometimes). I’d like to hear your views on including jokers in your decks, whether they’re better for certain decktypes, and are there any fancy tricks you can pull with them?

I wouldn’t run them in a slide deck, but bar that I’d always run them.

I’d they go off in lowball at least that’s one less chance to cheat. If they go off in a shootout they are devastating.

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I would totally agree with Andy here, in D and D or slide they are redundant but in any other deck they are only ever going to help.

Joker don’t hurt you in any way if they show up on lowball, it’s not a reason not to put them in the deck. As for them clugging your hand, 4R and LD have good built-in cycling mechanisms. I only wish that Sloane and Morgan did, too…

For me, as Andy said. A joker in my spells or shooting decks can only help, a joker with a soul blast or a legal 5 o kinds is very nice. But, in landslide or requiring a certain combo i prefer to not include them to min the deck and avoid drawing them in my play hand.

Looks like it’ll be best to put them in my decks and hope my luck turns then. Thanks!

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I do not put them in a 4R control deck. It is more important to increase the chances of getting a deed and several spells starting off.

Any decks that may want to ever get into a shoot out should probably run it. Same for decks that pull.

I tend to forget to add jokers in my decks >_<
Most of the time I play without.

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