Using the Rulebook Move Action + Engaged Character at Home

Gihan — Today at 9:17 AM … We tried to find any explicit rule that stops engaged characters at Home moving back to a City Location. The rulebook reads “Action: Engage your en garde character (unless they are at Home) * Move them to an adjacent position.” We knew RAI what this meant. But RAW it is fuzzy whether unless invalidates the entire cost clause or just 1 word (“Engage”). Alternative. “Action: Your en garde character * engage it if not at Home, then move it to an adjacent position.” I know this sounds EXTREMELY PEDANTIC and I am sorry because tournament LCG is like this, finding unintended loopholes that then require a FAQ to correct.

Agent006 — Today at 9:30 AM Discord
i forgot to put this one in the forums lol but also i think i was waiting for a dev to answer it
Dragonhatter — Today at 9:31 AM The unless is a added clause you must still meet the requirements of the action to take it.
Agent006 — Today at 9:31 AM requirement being: Engarde character engages
Dragonhatter — Today at 9:32 AM Yes that is the requirement

_Answered in Discord:_Discord

Updating with MRP of comprehensive rulebook. Your performing character still needs to be engarde to use the rulebook move action.