"Victory Point" Multiplayer with the Berkeley Boys

To accommodate changing times, we Berkeley Boys have shifted from playing weekly to playing monthly, and after a year apart, find ourselves enjoying a good Multiplayer game after a few rounds of Heads Up.

And to that effect, we are using the Victory Point variant (Hello, please test these multiplayer rules - #37 by jordan_caldwell) in tandem with the Turnabout and Dog in the Fight variants (Hello, please test these multiplayer rules - #7 by jordan_caldwell), to run our multiplayer game.

I am creating this thread to discuss our experiences as we dive deeper into these increasingly-more-aggresive multiplayer games, ripe with Townsquare Stare Downs, Temporary Alliances, Backstabbin’, Lyin’ in Wait, Sleepin’ Giants, Political Opportunism, and general Unpredictability and Mayhem. As a Heads Up fan, I am finding myself more and more in love with the truly untapped potential of the format!

If you haven’t tried Mutiplayer Doomtown, if’n you can roundup a posse, I highly recommend you try it!


Recently, we started wondering about the “Calling for Help” aspect of the rules, especially how they interact with the “Fight of Flight” phase of a shootout. How we ended up playing it is the Posse’s Controller declares their posse’s statuses first (initially and between rounds), followed by anyone helping them, per side of the conflict.

This lead to a funny situation where a 3rd party person fled after supporting a single round, leaving their once-allies High and Dry (after they had made their decision to hold their ground!), smartly abandoning a posse that was soon obliterated the following round. Good times.