Video youtube sherif ludiworld FINALE

you can watch this match here:


Thanks for posting video.

you’r welcome dude

Did you play best of three, or was the first game a warm-up one? The more videos I watch and more reports I read, I get this feeling that most of the games are decided on turn one. That explains why so many people are using 3x16 builds.

Sometimes sh… happens, and in this game i think the 4rings make some misplay and hadn’t miss fortune with him.
I think ,if he would have been more on defense (no tried to go in the street ) after some day he would have build big hucksters. but… the last game of a tourney … so …
In some game , I play 6 days before the end of the game.
But I agree, you need to build a 3X14+ or you cant be sure to win a shootout even with the good number of bullets.

4th ring players obviously expects to win the shootout relying solely on It’s not what you know which, obviously, turns out to be a bad strategy. However, I don’t understand why he is so willing to risk Mongwau in the first turn. What was he expecting to accomplish? He had Leonardo, who turns off Allie and the Sloane player did not shop any deed. There was nothing to worry about. He could’ve waited a couple of turns, attached some spells to Mongwau, and then go to a shootout with Hex Slinging and It’s not what you know in case it gets ugly.

Thanks for filming and uploading! It’s great to see some tournament videos (finally) making it onto the interwebs.

Yeah, in that first game, what on earth was he thinking by calling out Travis with Mongwau (or accepting a callout, I’m not clear on the order). Sure you don’t want Sloane to get established in the town square, but the opportunity cost vs reward there is very, very heavily skewed against not getting into a shootout there. Just pointless.

EDIT: And game two - why boot Leon in town square? The obvious counterplay is for Sloane to send a dude in to call him out and have Barton join. You’ve played the deck once already and have seen it draw consecutive five of a kinds - you know it’s not messing around in shootouts! I don’t understand those plays. Or at the end, when he’s in check, maybe better to boot Dulf to one of the opponent’s deeds and force him to use Jake to call out Dulf if he wants to end the game that turn, which is at least presenting your opponent with a relatively risky choice between trying to win now or potentially dipping to low influence if they lose.

Of course it’s easy to sit here and know it all from my armchair - lord knows I’ve made some highly questionable plays in tournament games - but I’m scratching my head at some of those decisions.

Well - to be fair it seemed to me the 4R player was pretty new to the scene. That said if he had played the 2nd game slower (he had 3 boot abilities and 2 forget AND a deed) I think he would have gotten the upper hand by going to control his opponents deeds.

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