Videos: Doomtown Learn to Play Videos: 6 From the Community

Full play list for the 6 videos we’ve chosen to link from the community contest!

While Pine Box Entertainment is waiting to announce a winner, we found these videos provide good examples of how to play Doomtown as viewed by someone looking to get in on the beginner level, intermediate level, looking to learn the more intricate levels of the game, and see members of the community in action playing at home. We hope you enjoy these as much as we did!


Good stuff in there! Well Done to everyone.

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Just working my way through these now, stunningly high quality on what I’ve seen so far. A real boon to the community and that “name a card” prize will be well earned.

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Updated topic for new players to reference in teaching Doomtown :slight_smile:

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Another video that features a demo and preview of 2T2D from when we were at Origins 2018


Was a winner ever announced for this contest?

Last place here - The other five “win”!

Chan won the main prize, this reminds me, I believe there were Name A Card prizes awarded to others, but had not been collected. Will folllow up with the team regarding this.

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