[Videos] Worcester Sheriff event videos

Hello everyone,

My coverage of the Worcester Sheriff event is now complete and available over on YouTube

28 players made the trip to Worcester for the largest Sheriff event in the world! If you’re a fan of Gadgets this is the Sheriff event for you but there’s something for everyone with appearances also from Law Dogs, Oddities and Desolation Row.

My pick from this series has to be the quater final match (link below since it includes spoilers!). 2 great players with 2 great decks facing off in a really tight battle so if you’ve got a spare 45 minutes be sure to check it out.

! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wM5xmzTMalo&index=6&list=PLVMIH57dQgdI4csGL54dkBzOy0FUWTKYU

Sorry for missing the semi-final, my camera had a bit of a problem and didn’t record anything. I’m working on that to hopefully stop it happening in the future.

Feel free to check out the rest of my channel with coverage of other UK Sheriff events and check back every Wednesday for a new video each week.

Lastly, if you’ve any comments, feedback or criticism, particularly about things you’d like to see more/less of please do let me know.


You’re not missing much - I see 2 QUATERMAN in my first lowball and flip a third for my first gadget. It’s over pretty quickly after that :smile:

I’m only up to round 4 viewing so far but to address some of Geoff’s commentary questions:

Travis - I chose Travis for this build as he has 2 bullets. He is TYWM fodder pure and simple. - He’s not too shabby if you can make him a stud with a flamethrower either as he can then use Point Blank.

Epic round 4 misplay. - Yep, I done screwed up on that one. having spent 6 weeks testing this bad boy, a tied rank hand was generally the result of a force field making me the loser. I was just on auto pilot for that play and just didn’t check the actual cards. My sincerest apologies to Dan V for the play.

What IS my deck structure? - so far my favourite part of these is Geoff’s trying to figure out what the structure is. “Is it Jacks? nope not Jacks, oooh might be Jacks”

It was 14/13/13 - K, Q, 8. with some off suit Jacks.

Full deck list is here: Paralyse This! 5-0 Swiss Worcester Sheriff (3rd finish) · DoomtownDB

Thanks for your comments on my thoughts during the videos. I find it difficult working out deck structures on camera since in game I can just look through your entire discard but with this I have to watch every lowball hand (and I’m usually waffling about something at this point) and remember what cards I’ve seen (it’s not always easy to see values in lowball/shootout hands) and also worry about both players. I’m not sure whether I should be getting decklists or player thoughts before recording since the my external thinking hopefully encourages players to think about structure and expectation themselves when they watch/play.


Loving the vids GT.
As someone who’s in the videos I’ll try give both perspectives.
It’s nice having a neutral view on a game which undoubtedly asks alot of the questions most people will be asking such as “Why did you do that?” or “Why are you running this card?”. It makes me think why i did a particular action and whether I feel it couldve been improved upon(normally yes).

I can imagine getting a decklist from people would be easy enough as most of us tend to DTDB them shortly after but also the TO will have them so assuming everyone at the tourney says ok to you having them that’d make your day far easier.

Possibly for the finals you could do a dual comm with yourself and the winner of the tourney(record a skype call afterwards or something) so they can give personal insights into how the deck played overall and give some insight into the deck.

Keep up the good work :smile:


Just wanted to add my thanks for putting the videos up. I think the current commentary style works well - it keeps things lively and engaging because you’re asking yourself questions about the decks as you go along.


AdmiralGT do you have the Desolation Row list from the London sheriff event?

I’m afraid not, I don’t think Jimi published his Desolation Row list from London.

That’s a shame, it looks interesting. Does he post on here?