Wanted: New and Better Demo decks

Thanks to the Ambassador efforts of Jon Del Arroz, I now have a handful (5+) of local L5R players that are interested in learning the game - could be the panic of staring at a future year without new cards, we gamers get weird like that.

That said, I need to assemble some demo decks, and not the Jank-piles that I usually run with.

While I do have the construction know-how to build my own, I figure I could avoid re-inventing the wheel and see if one of the other fine residents of Gomorra has developed some lists. In a pinch we can use the 4 advanced faction decks in the base set, but those can be improved upon.
anyone? Bueller?

note to Andy and Alex, would a “New Player” category be something useful / worthwhile?


http://gomorragazette.com/2015/08/22/surviving-the-slaughter-gomorra-a-year-later/ here is this if that doesn’t work here are decks





if those don’t work just go to dtdb.co and go to decklist search decks only using base set cards


Quick question, I was wondering if the Fourth Ring and Morgan decks were on par with Pickles’s decks?