Wanted Punishment

Continuing the discussion from Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force:

I think you’ll be happy when you see what is coming in the next saddlebag, but even SB4 provided 2 more ways to make people wanted and 2 more ways to benefit from opponents being wanted. Why do you think there’s a lack of support for anti-wanted? Just how much more can we provide without it being the only thing we do with LD?

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There isn’t really a lack of support for profiting from the wanted mechanic, either as a Law Dog or Sloaner. However, I am speaking specifically about wanted punishment and not profit. I would consider things such as Bounty Hunter, Judge Somerset, Clyde Owens, Tin Star, or Too Much Attention to be “wanted punishment” (also to a much lesser extent Abram non-XP) because they specifically make wanted dudes less valuable or more vulnerable in some way.

Despite all the cards I just listed I consider it under supported because:
a.) Some of those cards just aren’t good. Tin Star is not a strong card. Abram is a good dude, but his wanted punishment is very situational to the point of being almost irrelevant.
b.) Many of those dudes are quite expensive and rarely see play (Judge and Clyde).

That really leaves BH and TMA as routinely playable punishment cards. TMA is a softer form of punishment and also competes directly with arguably one of the best cards in the game (Unprepared).

I really like new wanted-related cards like the Jail, Elmore, and Confession. But they don’t really let me have the playstyle I enjoyed so much from Classic and have been hungering for, which was really going after and punishing wanted dudes. Cards like Lynch Mob, Flight of Angels, etc. I don’t necessarily expect to see those exact cards (far from it, that would be bad) but cards in the same vein.

For example I’d love to see Lynch Mob come back as an Action job. Something like mark a wanted dude to ace them (without the cost of Ambush or some other way to distinguish the two cards, etc). Or maybe an action card that reduces a dude’s bullet rating, influence, or value by their bounty total, etc. There’s lots of ways to go with it, and I’m just disappointed it hasn’t happened yet.

You forgot Wylie Jenks, how could you?!

Wylie does also have the ‘quite expensive and rarely sees play’ problem, especially when you could be running another copy of Steven Wiles in that 8-slot.

He is also a “profit” mechanic and not a “punishment” mechanic. He gets better around wanted dudes, he doesn’t make wanted dudes worse.

and the harry to the list of wanted punishment