Websites of value for DT:R

Basic essentials. The beginning and end of all your deck building needs. Browse other peoples decks, browse cards, and build your own. The official sight and the updated rules of DTR.
Doomtown Join the chat board. Find friends, opponents to play online, discuss deck ideas, simple rules questions, and DTR news. It’s where many of the people most passionate about DTR hang out. A really great way to play the game online. Takes a bit of set up, but the people online are great, and very helpful. Stop in on discord and we would love to help.

Game concepts explained. (movement) (jobs)

Deck Building. deck building basics video
Updated Buyer's Guide to Doomtown Reloaded & introductory decks for 2x Base Set (plus expansion decks) An excelent article of introductury decks that go 1 step beyond the prebuilt decks in box.

Fan based websites.
Profile - system - Pine Box Entertainment This is a list of topics are articles put out by Gomorrah Gazette. There are some great reads from the doomtown past. Booted dudes have a fun podcast where they discuss what is current in doomtown. I really respect the card analaysis on this sight. Not currently being updated, but there is some really great work on this website to read. Note that many of the collected rulings are correct, there have been some changes, and the old forums that the list refrences is dead. Some good game play videos so you can see what experienced hucksters do. Some tournament videos, high quality editing, worth watching if your studying the game.

If you have any websites you love that I missed, please either reply here or message me, I’ll try to keep this list updated.


DriveThruCards is the printing resource PBE is using for reprinting out of print sets and special projects. The above link is one of the prebuilt decks available for purchase. You can easily find all the other prebuilt decks and reprint sets on this page Entrepreneurs
Law Dogs Quick Draw Starter Deck · DoomtownDB Law Dogs
Outlaw Quick Draw Starter Deck · DoomtownDB. Outlaws
Fearmongers Quick Draw Starter Deck · DoomtownDB. Fearmongers
Anarchists Quick Draw Starter Deck · DoomtownDB. Anarchists
First Peoples Quick Draw Starter Deck · DoomtownDB. First People

The above links are the deck lists for PBE’s prebuilt ‘Quick Draw’ decks. These are excellent easy entry purchasable prebuilt decks through DriveThruCards.