Weird West Edition AEG Cards: Cards/Rules Updates & Reprints

The following spreadsheets denote changes made to AEG era cards in Weird West Edition:

The following spreadsheet denotes which cards come back unchanged:

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Rules synopsis on changes:
-Multiplayer: see resources page on new official multiplayer rules

Ancestor Token: 0 Draw, 1 Influence

Kung Fu:

While a Kung Fu Dude is in play, add their Kung Fu rating to their Value. Kung Fu is not a Skill.

Kung Fu pulls require you to Pull equal to or below the Dude’s Value.

After a dude performs a Tao Technique successfully, attach it to the dude, unbooted. Failed Kung Fu actions stay in play and go to discard once shootout hands are formed.

If, at the start of a shootout play, you have an unbooted Tao Technique attached to a dude, you must boot it and may then attempt to Combo.
To Combo, the dude cannot have more Tao Techniques attached than their Kung Fu rating and the Technique must have a Combo clause, where the conditions are fulfilled.

When Comboing, pick a differently named Technique of the same Tao from your hand or discard and have the dude perform it as your play.

Before making shootout hands, discard all Tao Techniques attached to your dudes.

Core Deed: You can have a Core Deed with your 5 posse start.

Sentence Requirement is gone:
Announce the ability you want to use.
Choose the targets of the ability.
Check that you can pay any required costs. and that the targets are valid.
Pay any costs.
Resolve the ability, starting at the first sentence and working your way through to the last sentence.

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The above changes will be noted on the pending DTWW supplemental website page.

New rulebook is here:

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The Weird West Edition page is now active:


The Changed link has been updated to have the Legal List for DTWW

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List of Full Box Contents: