Weird West has arrived!

So I just got the new set release and its really a nice package! Lots of cards, and tokens. I like the new revamping of some cards, but kinda wondering what I should do with my older ones. Some are just a change in ghost rock price, I might need another box set. I really like all the different ways to play and the solo senarios.


You can still use old cards in casual play, it is just that most organised play events will be the new “Weird West” format (all Pine box sets, so There comes a Reckoning Onwards).

Lots of the reprinted cards are unchanged so you can still use those. For those that were changed, you can still play them, but they count as the most recently printed version (so if the cost/text etc has changed, it should be played as the latest version of the card).

Glad you’re pleased with the new set and get many hours of enjoyment from it. :slight_smile: