Welcome to Deadwood Grifter Playtest Article #1: Entrepreneurs

The first article examining one of the six new Grifters featured in the upcoming expansion, Welcome to Deadwood, shipping this November!

Welcome to Deadwood is now up for preorder!


This dude is awesome.

Gus Gallagher, experienced?

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Repurposed art, seems to suit the dude well. :slight_smile: Enjoying the mix of new art, repurposed pieces and coloured versions of black and white pieces. Clearly a great art resource to work with.

I like this attractively costed profile for a skilled dude anyway and a useful ability. It might help you win lowball/fill your discard pile to put a horse there for Maggie Harris and then increase the lowball pot for you to win. Effectively making this dude a bargain 2GR at the cost of being booted on turn 1. Or it will backfire and your opponent wins lowball and gets an extra 1GR. Interesting risk v return here. Might even find his way in to some slide decks?

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Ok, I am now realizing that he adds an additional GR to the pot, like a third player who folds at the flop…

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Hey, that’s half the point of these discussions right? I’ve seen other people come to grips with this, but reading chat like this will help more people spot it! I remember a similar process when Frank Stillwell was previewed to cries of “What’s the point of this dude?” to discussion and live play making people realise his react was effective and annoying to face! :slight_smile:

Stillwell actually reads something like “Boot two or three of your opponent’s dudes and send Frank home booted” in practice!