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A small, determined posse moves on from Gomorra and Tombstone, riding toward their destiny in a boomtown surrounded by the Black Hills of the Dakota badlands. Meanwhile, Jonah Essex continues to flee powerful enemies. Is he prepared for an unexpected welcome to Deadwood?

Following the recent Tombstone Trilogy (Too Tough to Die, Out for Blood, Hell’s Comin’ With Me), the Doomtown story now moves to Deadwood, South Dakota. Welcome to Deadwood is Pine Box Entertainment’s fifth expansion for Doomtown, (previously Doomtown: Reloaded expandable card game). The expansion is compatible with all previous cards. The 4 copies of 56 new cards include historical places and people including Seth Bullock, Al Swearengen, The Gem Theater, and the No. 10 Saloon.
This product is an expansion, the base game (SKU: AEG05901) is required to play.

Available through your favorite distributor, or directly from Studio 2 Publishing

Estimated Shipping - January 2021


Seth Bullock is an exciting shakeup, a profile that normally comes with upkeep is upkeep free in exchange for a negative trait. Good art too.


Yeah I really like Seth Bullock ! This is going to be a great set !


Could give you a really strong long game if you start upkeep free. Or pair him with thunder boy for a frightening shooting start. Good value too so generally safe from shotguns.


For UK players, please ask your stores to check with BNW and Esdevium distribution for product


Please note this item has been updated as estimated shipping this month.


We will be releasing an update as we seek an estimate on arrival to the warehouse.


Eta to warehouse is 12/28

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Welcome to Deadwood has arrived to the warehouse!


For EU players…
Please, could you tell me with which European distributors you work for the distribution of your games?


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Our store in Edinburgh has it on order via Asmodee on special order. Worked smoothly for the other Pinebox expansions here, albeit: 1) this is our first post Brexit set! 2) we appreciate others aren’t so lucky with their stores/distributors as we are with the excellent Black Lion Games locally.

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Passing this note along from a while back from our warehouse/consultant (Studio 2):

The UK has been an issue ever since Asmodee bought out Esdevium. At first they cut back to just new releases of other companies lines then they switched many lines over to special order only and while they say they place POs for these special orders monthly in reality it is more like every 3-6 months. Unless a new distributor opens in the UK I don’t see much changing there. We have heard there are some of the more motivated retailers buying from other EU distributors like BNW but that may become an issue once Brexit finalizes. Another option we have been exploring the last few years is selling on Amazon UK but while that will help consumers it won’t really help the retailers over there.

Here are some stores that have carried it:

Darksphere Shepherds Bush (London)

tea@Hart (Hartlepool)

Traveling Man (York)

Leisure Games (Finchley)

Black Lion Games (Edinburgh)

Patriot Games (Sheffield)

We are discussing internally the possibility of opening up a Pine Box UK in collaboration with FanBoy3, which may be our long term solution if this issue continues.

Stores should be able to order through Asmodee in the UK currently.