Welcome to the Official Rules Forum

Howdy folks, while we’re still working on updating those new rules documents, just wanted to make everyone aware we do have an official rules team in place to continue any and all inquiries you may have about existing DTR cards. I’ll let those pardners go ahead and introduce themselves here!

David Lapp
PBE Community Manager


Feel free to use @Rules to page the rules team as well

Hey all,

many of you will know me already from the EU Marshal event and also assisting Mr Orange and Mr Eisele at the last 2 Gencon Marshals as well. My focus is mainly on how rulings affect tournament play.



I am RT lead with PBE.

If you don’t know me I’m the guy that plays lots of 4R ideas no matter how bad they might be.

We frequently discuss behind closed doors to get the ‘right’ answer every time. So please be patient if you have to wait on rulings. The team behind me is small, but talented and skilled, and we want to provide you a very positive experience with your rules questions.


I also wanted to mention, we are here to provide the best possible DTR experience for you. Rules may not always go the way you want, but we want to be clear and consistent as often as possible.


Good luck.


Thanks for the nod, bith. Time to relax and enjoy the game. :slight_smile:

Thanks for doing your time on rules team @bithlord!

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Hah, I served my sentence. Now I’m free to just ask questions without needing to figure out the answers :).