What about Sloane?

There is threads for Law Dogs, Morgan, Fourth Ring. What about Sloane for a dominate outfit there isn’t a lot of info. The Deck types we have seen are Super Mario, Standard job beat down, and the desolation row builds, and the huckster version. What are your folks take on theses builds.

I’ve been playing a lot of Desolation Row with a few different builds and I honestly think it’s a trap. The reward for completing the job just isn’t worth having to lose so much control by constantly sending your Dudes back home booted. Being able to stock up bounty on Fred is great until your opponent finds some way to deal with him and then it’s game over.

I think “Town Square Control” Sloane with good shooters, shoot out abilities, and maybe Huckster’s is probably the best way to play the faction right now. Protect Allie, rack up control points, and make your opponent come to you.

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in Desolation Row I honestly feel it is the strongest home in the game currently when you consider its synergy with the faction dudes.

Plus The Fixer is nuts!

I think the impact of the ability is very high, but you give up too much to do it, and it’s too predictable. If other aggressive decks are able to get a toe in to the Town Square a lot of your game plan goes out the window.

The Fixer is a really interesting card, yeah, but he’s just as interesting in regular Sloane and you get more flexibility out of the job he grabs since you’re not trying to do 2 jobs in one turn now.

It’s been winning nearly every tournament as late, but yes, the deck build is pretty predictable. 3s and 5s and just go really high on those and probably go for 4s or 7s after that depending.

If Desolation row is a big problem, more people need to start Wendy and play Pistol whips in your meta :wink: Sure, sometimes you can deal with them, but not every game turn 1.

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@db0 well done sir. If x is doing this play y type of cards to counter act X.

Yep, there’s a reason the DR job doesn’t give you anything if your leader isn’t in your posse anymore. Take advantage of that fact :wink:

Jeezzuz Jon, it’s been wiining nearly every tournament as late IN YOUR META. Seriously.

I’m not sure what you mean by “standard job beat down”. The most standard Sloane build, the 3x16 kind, doesn’t play any jobs beside Kidnappin’. I can think of three rather unusual Sloane builds that might be worth looking into:

Sloane A+2+3 Hot Lead Flyin’
I can dance all day! by db0
Sloaneslide Job Rush! by mysticpickle

Standard Job Sloane is a variety of Jobs to control opposing influence using Kidnapping, Ambush, EDS, and other jobs to control the town. Its a good deck EDS on first turn, followed by more EDS and then a kidnapping it’s a super agro deck. When I get off work I will post a link and I might stream a game with it w/ the gazette fellas.

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So, Otomo says this is the strongest deck in the meta at the moment, huh? Looks just like when Sloane hucksters first emerged after Double Dealin’. It wasn’t devastating back then, hard to believe that Desolation Row, Maria Kingsford and Puppet made it that much of a threat.

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Actually its been winning in a lot of other meta’s including the English meta. Our latest tournament at the weekend had 3 in our top 4, and 4 in our top 8. that seems strong to me.

Let’s see, on average I send 2 dudes for the home ability, gaining me usually 5gr (milt).

I ran zero jobs, yep zero.

The fixer gets me the card I want and then discards back into the deck (on value btw).

Ill be publishing my winning deck with writeup on Sunday night, but I promised the TO first use of it, so sorry will be delayed until then.