What can't you wait for?

I’m really intrigued by how the either/or element of the Union and Confederate cards will start to effect deck building over time, once their card pool is large enough.

Im also looking forward to having a wide selection of melee weapons, there’s just something special about possibly having a horde of clowns with tomahawks and calvary sabers to conquer the town with.


I’m intrigued by all that but also for other “core” cards for the factions. I really like this new mechanic because will reduce a “bit more” the randomness of the game.

A card that punishes heavy amounts of hearts on the board without completely stomping out the possibility to play hearts.

Maze Rats.

A boy can dream…

I’m excited for more Miracles, more gadgets, Spirits, and some more core deeds.

First and foremost I Really want Arson. Basicly Ambush but marking a deed. I don’t want it to be prohibitively expensive.
Melee weapons. I was very surprised at no bowie knife in FJ, considering marion exp. Yeah, he’s curiously good with Evanor, but really, Evanor. Did I miss something, because I just have a hard time believing Evanor is the exact card to be using for Marion’s ability, but currently it’s the only one.

I want more horses. Bring back stallion, pennyfarthing, blimps, trains, giant metal goliaths! Maybe faction specific, or faction oriented horses like a nightmare. Thank you for Clown Car, now give me more.
I want more ranches. Make me want to play Max, and Howard Aswell.
I want more saloons, and brothels, and more cards that interact with saloons and brothels. We have had a lot of government + Private deeds lately.

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I’m really excited to see Shamans and spirits come in. Their flavour will add so much into expanding this game.

I’m also excited for an increase in melee weapons and the mechanics that will go along with them.

It would be very interesting to see wildlife pose a danger, or non-canine sidekicks like sand scorpions controlled by shamans that can add to the shaman’s bullet rating.