What did you do during the Great Gazette Blackout of 2015?

Spoilers came and went, work was actually done, I bought ESO and played in a Call of Cthulhu tournament for the first time in a looooooong time.

Most irksome being the fact I had to actually do work, at work. I may have a forum addiction.


Me too :smile:

I managed to play some PC games again, but other than that, a lot of BBQ :smiley:

I understand there was a Steam Sale? I had Anna change my Steam password so I couldn’t access it :slight_smile:

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Smart :wink:

I’m back to netrunner ^^

Really? Forum goes down and people jump ship! >_< Gozik check your PMs

I was registering as a user when it crashed. In fact I’ve registered twice in the boards since it happened…

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Ouch, well, glad that we could keep you here!

I was camping most of the time, enjoying the long nights of the summer solstice, quite noticeable at my latitude.
I’m very happy to have them returned!

The downtime coincided with a busy period at work, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been

I am just getting into the game a bit more now that the Netrunner tournament season is over for me. Found this site while at work but I was little busy so I figured I’d sign up later that evening once I got home. Sure enough the site wasn’t working when I got home, and I only got around to signing up today :smile:

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I was so depressed, I took a week-long vacation and visited Pennsylvania for the first time.

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