What does your meta look like

Okay with the 2 new factions plus all the additional outfits getting new homes. I got a few questions for everyone.
First what outfits are you seeing the most of and why?
Do the decks you are playing cheat allot or has the punishment steered you away from the 3x16 builds?
What do u think the best 2 decks in the meta are at this moment?
What decks do you think need more support?
The last question is how big is your local scene or if you play Octgn how many different ppl do u play in a week?


My local meta is difficult. We are a small group of 4 players, with no local LGS. Our closest store is ~1hr away.

So, our meta is what is winning tournaments, and the creations of our minds to counter those. Generally, we are lacking in Law Dogs. No one has really put forth the desire to make them work.

This may change with Dirty Deeds though.

My local meta is only really 4 dedicated players. Two of those, however, participate pretty actively in local tournaments (I don’t. I live in the boonies so it’s quite a drive to attend them and I’m not really big on the tournament culture.) One of our group made T4 at the Marshall event this GenCon and the other one took like an 18-player Sheriff event with 108 Deedslide the first week they were legal. So the level of play in the group is pretty high even if it’s not large.

Me: Almost exclusively LD of one flavor or another. I’ve got a 5/7/8 base outfit deck that focuses on a Wendy/Inbody start abusing Confession/Hangin’. I’m working on a 9/10 Crusaders build for when DD hits. I might also toy with a clubless Arsenal for funsies.

Player 1: 4R control in various flavors. Also his oddball 4/6/8 (I think?) Puppet w/ Smiling Tom deck that is pretty vicious. He’s also got a really good Blessed Gadgetorium build (yes, you read that right).

Player 2: 108 deedslide and a pretty traditional Den Shooter deck.

Player 3: Much more casual than the rest of us. Has just 1 deck which is a Gadgetorium deck that leverages Harold to churn out Quaterman after Quaterman after Quaterman. It’s pretty good, most of his losses can be contributed to the fact that he’s probably the least experienced DTR player in the group.

We’ve got several different sub-groups around here.

The most frequent folks I play with are mostly casual, we get a few games in every week while waiting for people to show up for our D&D game. I tend to rotate decks fairly frequently to try new stuff out, but typically playing Eagle Wardens, Sloane, and some 4th Ring (I like spells).

Player 1: has been iterating on a Law Dogs/Miracles/Evanor Voltron style deck in various forms. It is a relatively strong shooter, only cheats rarely due to huge bullet bonuses he gets. As long as he gets his Voltron going it can be difficult to deal with (esp. with Rev. Inbody + Walk the Path), but has occasional bad luck where things don’t come together.

Player 2: also plays Law Dogs a lot, but more of a 3x16 (or pretty close) shooter that loves to camp Wendy in the Town Square. He’s tried a few variations like aggro w/ the Judge instead, but the standard shooter fits his play style. It can be strong, but these days is pretty vulnerable to 4R control. He’s also recently been experimenting with Morgan deedslide, which has had mixed results.

Player 3: Some variety, but 4R control w/ decent shooting backup for the last couple of months. It has been winning a lot recently, as you’d expect.

Player 4: Sloane aggro rush. He basically built a Sloane deck when the game first came out and has been running that with some tweaks ever since. He’s usually the last one to arrive for D&D so gets in fewer games than the rest of us, but the deck is solid for casual play and has a decent record of winning on Day 1 or 2.

Player 5: borrows decks on nights we end up just playing cards. Good player, but since he’s often using a somewhat experimental deck that he didn’t build himself it often takes 3-4 games before how to pilot the deck becomes clear.

There are also a few folks (different set) who play ~1/month at a local store. This is also pretty casual, there is usually a new expansion available each time we play so people are often trying out totally new cards/decks. Great folks to play with; I tend to have a pretty good record here, but the fact that I get in games much more regularly is a huge advantage.

Finally I’ve got a co-worker who has a single core set that I play with about once a week. I built a deck from a single core so that we have somewhat fair matchups. He’s been all Law Dogs so far with a deck he got from DTDB, is now getting the hang of the game and that deck and considering whether to tear it apart and try out another faction.

My meta is me playing against my son, and occasionally hitting up octgn. No love for the ecg’s in the area :stuck_out_tongue: That being said, we’ve been playing eagle wardens vs 108 exclusively since they came out, and I love the mechanics, particularly the deck cycling of the wardens.

Probably should of put this in the main post what parts of the world are you folks located at?

To answer my questions so you all know. I live in west Kansas 2 hours from witchita. My new meta is about 3 ppl as of right now since this town has 700 ppl total if that. They are all using my cards as a collection to build decks they are in the 2 core decks as of right now. We’ll be moving into Kung fu shaman soon.
The top decks the last I checked that I thought were legit is the fourth ring various controls using either of the first 2 outfits. Then Banditslide using 108 or dudes and deeds out of MCC using the new 7 deed to be able to drop 2 discount deeds a turn with horses for movement.
The weaker decks while not to weak would be blessed and sloane low value hexes. I think sloane just because player don’t play them compared to 4th ring.
On cheating I am starting to run dmh and straight flush builds just to make opponent have cards with no purpose.
Btw. Thanks for the detailed replies to all.

I’m in So. Cal. We’re pretty lucky here, in addition to the main groups I play with there are additional groups about an hour away both north and south, which means we can get a pretty good turnout for things like Sherrif events.