What makes a good Outfit for you?

We’re a year into the new game, All the base factions have 2 outfits (and potentially a new round in Light Shineth next month) and we’ve got the 2 new factions coming out soon. And of course the veterans among us have the experience from classic to draw from.

Outfits can be the cornerstone of a decktype, they can be support that a variety of decktypes use, they can push a specific theme. They can be varying strength, though I feel like DTR has done a pretty decent job so far keeping them relatively balanced (support, on the other hand, is a different matter). That is, I don’t feel like we have anything that’s over powered like Dixie Rails or too niche/underpowered like the original Agency or Whately boxes. That’s just my opinion though, how do you guys rate the different Outfits so far?
And what are you looking for in future outfits?


I like an Outfit that isn’t key to success, but only improves my odds in someway. I think the base set 4th Ring is perfect for that. It rewards me for doing something I’m gonna do anyways.

I’m a fan of an outfits that do multiple things. Right now I would say fourth ring has the best outfits as of right now because they both support good themes. The other outfits while not as good are still all good outfits that support themes.

Eagle wardens outfit is broken. Moreso with undertaker in play.

Yeah that’s why I couched it with “support being a different matter”. Like, I think the Arsenal is a pretty solid outfit, but the Blessed and/or Mad support for Law Dogs isn’t quite up to snuff, unlike say, spell/abomination support for 4th Ring.

So they boot a 2+ influence dude, draw 3 cards, then ace a dude from their hand to get 2GR? Seems like Undertaker should only be dudes in play, wouldn’t be surprised to see an errata.

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[quote=“Tredain, post:5, topic:623”]
So they boot a 2+ influence dude [/quote]

In Town Square no less. I’m all for my opponent booting his influence in a hard to defend location personally. They’re welcome to a couple of Ghost Rock :slight_smile:

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Not so hard to defend with 7 cards in hand and John “Aces” Radcliffe. Come, little sloaners, let’s play…

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Don’t forget about Jacky as well.

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7 cards are less impressive when you can only play 2 of them or lose one of your studs :wink:

That means the opponent plays nothing before we draw hands. I’m fine with that.

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What?? Jacqueline married Howard?!