What would you like to be added to the FAQ / Rulebook?

So we had a discussion today on a discord channel regarding few cards and the rulebook and Scott asked us to post the questions and suggestions here.

I will start by saying that I have noticed that “move to join” doesn’t work like it used to and only the cards that allow you to join a posse ( but not move to join) work in the same location. I think it would be great if we had a comment in say red for major changes like this one, at least in PDF document.

The other thing I would like to see in the rulebook is a definition of “leaving the shootout”. At the moment you cannot assign a casualty to a dude that cannot leave a shootout and then save them ( using Arnold or Lay on Hands) or change them into harrowed and them move them home booted as a casualty. This is not intuitive and I believe it requires its own entry in the rulebook.

Please post your suggestions below if you think that something else needs clarification or some cards were omitted in the FAQ, the guys are listening and by giving them feedback now, we are helping them to deliver the best possible end product.

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I read it slightly differently on “move to join”, I think move to join still works even if you’re at the same location? The FAQ/Rules Compendium seems to clear this up. Sorry if I’ve misunderstood your question or the rules compendium! :slight_smile:

Rules compendium v0.6 p2
“A card ability may be used to move a dude into or out of a posse from/to the same location as the shootout, as entering or leaving a posse fulfils the movement requirement of any such ability.”

Rules compendium v0.6 p5
“Some card effects may instruct you to “move one of your dudes into your posse.” This phrasing is shorthand for the following: “Choose one of your dudes. This dude joins your posse, moving if necessary.” It is key to remember that a posse is not considered to be a location for the purposes of resolving card effects that reference locations.”

Rules compendium v0.6 p16
“Carter’s Bounties
Can be used to move a dude into the posse from the same location, including a dude that had previously left the posse.”

An FAQ on Morgans Regulators. The requirement to use the ability Is “Choose your dude.” You can use it on a dude in the town square.

Quaterman and The Wretched were ruled early on that they could not be included in the starting posse. It would help if this was added to the FAQs