Where are all the Dead People?

Hey we got one Ghost in Ghost Town I call foul!! Where are the other cards to emulate ghost? Hell a mini faction of ghost Dudes be awesome! Pinebox please revive this niche…

I don’t think the Ghost Town name was anything to do with literal ghosts taking over the town. At that point in the story, Gomorra was becoming like a ghost town as many of its inhabitants were stuck indoors suffering from Ivor’s plague or else disappeared into the Sanatorium to become zombie minions.

As for other ghosts, should you want to build a themed deck, I think Smiling Tom was some sort of shadowy ghost summoned by Ivor early on. Natalya fits the description of a Crying Ghost (albeit a particularly mercenary one) - a Deadlands monster that’s found around Shan Fan area California. Finally, let’s not forget The Ghostly Gun from the base set :slight_smile:

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I know but I’d love to see actual ghosts and Haunted deeds! Want to hear concept mechanics?

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Fairly certain Ol’ Howard is a ghost too

But not with the ghost keyword I believe.

There is enough of keywords in a game for a very long time :).

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Any card game knows you can never have enough Yugioh has like 20 and nobody really cares lol.

There is no such thing as a “Ghost” keyword in DT:R and IMO, we’re better off for it. The game seemed to pick up a new keyword every batch and most of them did nothing. The idea was to build for future usage, but even then it seemed like only a few of them ever actually got cards that played off the keywords and there weren’t many of them.

But I like Howard…

We all like Howard … lol

Howard was actually a throwback to the Classic Doomtown game and story as Howard Findley, a MAJOR character in the first iteration of the game. This was our way of giving a nod to him while utilizing a cool haunting Dude concept that Design came up with.


I do wish we had like 5 ghosts in Ghost Town oh well…