Which 4 decks should I build? Cards up to frontier justice

Self explanatory title. I want 1 deck for each faction for multiplayer shenanigans, without any being over/under powered, and all being fun.

Suggestions please!

I’m going to suggest this for Law Dogs.

Will there be any new players or not as familiar with the game as others?

2 absolute beginners!

@Doomdog any particular reason for that specific list?

Right mainly I’m struggling with a Morgan list at the moment, although my law dogs list is still up in the air.

It’s the Law Dogs list I’ve had the most fun with, and the final version of the deck I’d been playing since starting the game. It’s not too complicated to play so should be easy enough to figure out for people new to the game - one of my friends without much experience of Doomtown borrowed it for a couple of games and a small OP tournament and had a lot of fun with it. If you think the Jail is going to be a bit confusing for a new player you can easily swap it for something else.

As for basic strategy, early on the deck wants to get Pearl-Handled Revolvers & Winchesters on dudes so you’ve got a posse full of studs, while building up a few bounties. When it’s ready it can push to take the town square and control the game from there.