Who is your main faction?

Pretty simple, as above.

Right now split between Morgan and Fourth Ring. Used to be into the Collegium back in Classic so the bevy of mad scientists is appealing, even if Morgan is less than on the up and up with the whole ‘good and law abiding’ thing. Otherwise, I’m into the Circus, I’ve always been into spell casters and the 4th Ring’s flavor is a lot of fun, particularly Ivor Hawley as the Ringmaster. Looking forward to where the plot goes pitting them against one another. Marginally into the law Dogs and their Blessed, but hoping to see that theme develop more before sticking to it.

Looking forward to the 108 Righteous Bandits and the Eagle Wardens though, curious how they’ll turn out, only a month and a half to go though before we find out :smile:

So how bout you folks? Who is your main?

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Morgan all the way. Classic shaman and sweet rock.

Law Dogs, and sometimes Sloane. In classic I also played LDs and some Sioux and Maze Rats. So I can’t wait for the next big box…

Law Dogs, though I do play around with the other factions too. Very much looking forward to the new factions, especially the 108 Righteous Bandits.

I won my first OP with 4th Ring and my second with MCC Gadgets.

I actually dont think I have a favorite faction but I do love decks that are control or tries something different…

Right now I am into 4th Ring :smiley:

Law Dogs, but I’m easy. I’ll shift around and play a bit of everything for fun…the LD deck always stays built and ready, though, while the others come apart and get changed up all the time.

I play them all. I’m partial to MCC, but lately I’ve been playing Law Dogs more.

In the story, I havent really picked a favorite yet.

4th Ring because I like spellcasting, Sloane for story.

I end up building & playing decks for all factions, though.

I currently favour Law Dogs. I also play a little 4R for spellcasting, so I’m also looking forward to a Blessed starter with Influence and the Eagle Warriors.

I’ve mostly explored Law Dogs, but I’ve been fascinated with the proliferation of gadgets and mad scientists and all the zany ways they interact with one another. I’ve been having fun with the clubless idea, and pumping out multiple free gadgets and ranches with Morgan’s second outfit.

I like all of them! :smiley: Perhaps 4th ring is my favourite because the stories. I like a lot Kevin and Ivor.

Gonna have to be Sloane for me, I do play law dogs as well tho

My favorite deck that I keep tweaking is sloan. I really like playing Morgans cowboys and gadgets casually, but it has some major problems competitively. I’m constantly toying with the other two factions, but haven’t come up with anything I’m really happy with. I feel like Law dogs are extremely good if your opponent is cheatin’, but if they aren’t, you are at a disadvantage. I also feel like if they are played correctly they also are way too aggressive for my play style.
I guess I like building decks from all four, but my play style is to slowly build. Fourth ring actually can do a lot of building by piling on spells to weaken your opponent, so they are they next faction I will play heavily. Currently still playing low value high bullet sloan.

With only 4 factions I dont think I have a main faction, Most of the time I have about 8 to 10 decks built and ready for play, so I usually pick what I feel like playing. Although Morgan doesn’t really fit my play style most of the time, so I tend to choose the other factions more often.

Gonna bump this, now we’ve got a healthier selection of groups :slight_smile: Course it’ll be about a month or so before I’ll be able to get my hands on IOUF, but I’m pretty sure the Wardens are going to be my new ‘main’. They’re the spellcasting faction I’ve been looking for :smiley:

Now it’s 108. My 2 games with them have been immensely fun.

Well, I would just add the poll to the main post, but you can’t do that after the first 5 minutes of posting it so it’s waaay too late for that. So! We’ll vote here!

  • Law Dogs
  • Sloane Gang
  • Fourth Ring
  • Morgan Cattle Company
  • 108 Righteous Bandits
  • Eagle Wardens
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I like the theme of 108 – Kung Fu + the Wild West has been an awesome combo since well before Shanghai Noon. They also seem really fun to play, though I haven’t actually had the chance yet.

Currently, IRL I run Law Dogs. I guess I’m a sucker for playing the “good guys” and, without Blessed, they seem to have a less risky play style than other factions – ie fewer pulls, less reliance on which cards you draw, more focus on positioning and your initial posse. Though I guess Morgan dudes & deeds/slide is the real winner there.

Number of pulls does not increase variance of deck. The most consistent deck plays lot of spells.

Though I’ve been playing around with Morgan a lot recently, it’s still Law Dogs. Whether it’s still Law Dogs after I’ve got my hands on the 108 Righteous Bandits remains to be seen.