Why can you use Totems during a shootout?

Maybe a fantastically stupid question, but why can you use shootout actions on totems? The relevant rules are on page 21 under Make Plays, and here’s the list:

Shootout abilities you use must come from either an action card in your play hand (which is played and then discarded),a deed, an Improvement (a card with this keyword),your outfit,your legend, or a card in your posse (i.e.a dude or one of their attached cards). You can also use a Shootout ability on a card that’s not in a posse, but only if that ability would bring a card currently in play into a posse.

It’s not clear to me how totems would fit in this list at all.


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Current ruling:

Any Shaman at the same location may use a Totem, regardless of the Totem’s controller.

A Shaman uses such a Totem in exactly the same way (and with the same clauses, costs, and/or restrictions) as they would a Spirit attached to them.

That would make them “a card in your posse” (i.e.a dude or one of their attached cards).

See Section 7.2.3 Planting Totems has the ‘Totem as an attached card’ effect.