Why was Doomtown Dropped?

As bigger fans of DTR then myself I was curious if you guys could give me details on why it was dropped? I was told on AEG forums that they were just done it’s plot had nowhere left to go… I don’t consider that much of an answer. Is that really it?

AEG stated a change of direction - their company focus Shifted and Doomtown, unfortunately, didn’t follow suit.

To heck with that Doomtown is an awesome setting!

We all share a fondness for the Weird West here. Enjoy chattin’ us up pardner!

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Thanks for giving me an answer I kept meaning to buy sets but been distracted and just figured it looked popular so thought it be still around 3 years from now (bought it like 15) but nope :s I plan on buying it when it’s revived.

Note: I am not, nor have I ever been an employee of AEG. But I worked rather close with them on this project.

The bottom line of it all is sales. The numbers ran really well initially when the game released. Then they dropped and plateaued out at a level that was more or less sustainable, enabling them to develop a long-term picture for the game (including discussions of rotating card legality, new core sets on a regular basis, dedication of new marketing resources, etc.). However, in the midst of those discussions, sales started to drop again and it got to the point where it wasn’t viable to continue any longer.

AEG also wanted to get out of the ongoing card production game, as indicated by what happened with L5R. I believe that is largely the change in direction mentioned. It had nothing to do with setting and more to do with the costs and risks involved with producing an ongoing game in the modern LCG world. CCGs have a much greater margin for profit because of built-in scarcity and lower production costs. However, the market has really moved on from the CCG model these days.


Ah well glad it’s been picked up maybe the new guys will know how to keep it. Sure FFG invented(?) (least coined) the genre but doesn’t mean they have a monopoly just takes a company guts to make one

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