Willa Mae MacGowan + Bounty


During one of my last game we ran into the following situation;

Willa and Bobo try to kidnap Jake Smiley who is at home. They receive two bounties each. The shootout doesn’t go as planned and I resolution will force me to discard a dude and give my opponent two Ghost Rock.

Now the question; Can I ace Willa to send Bobo home and deny my opponent the two GR? I thought I could since I am doing the acing and not my opponent. The rules now state “If a wanted dude opposing your posse in a shootout gets discarded or aced as a casualty, you earn all the ghost rock on that dude as your reward; move it from that dude into your stash. Likewise, if you manage to discard or ace an opposing wanted dude via a card ability, you gain that dude’s bounty.”
However, my opponent thought otherwise and I promised him to ask for clarification after the game.

So? Does my opponent get the bounty?

Thanks in advance.

Great question! In this case, your opponent would not get the GR from that wanted dude, in the scenario you describe.

The reason being is that you the controller of Willa Mae, did the acing of that Wanted dude, and not your opponent.

Your opponent would only get the Bounty of Willa Mae if they did an action from a card ability that discards or aces her, or if Willa Mae is taken as a casualty.