Wine + OCTGN problem

Is anyone running OCTGN (latest on Wine (Linux/Mac, I am using Linux 12.02)?

Since WindowsXP support was dropped from OCTGN and .net 4.5 became a requirement i can’t install and/or run OCTGN on wine, although I am trying to use Win7 and dotnet45 wine configuration. Previous wine was working fine before with XP / dotnet40. Details here: Cannot install and run in Wine · Issue #1583 · octgn/OCTGN · GitHub

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Whoops, I am using Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS, not “Linux 12.02” :slight_smile:

I haven’t used Wine on Linux in many, many years, but if that isn’t working I’d suggest maybe running a windows virtual machine. VirtualBox is open source/free and works well with Ubuntu.

For you Mac users, running Vmware Fusion, or some other virtual machine via a hypervisor could work too.

I’ve got a dual boot environment for this very reason (games.) I haven’t attempted ot run OCTGN under Wine yet, I’ll see if I can get it working and get back to ya.

I gave up on WIne… but I installed a Windows Virtual machine and OCTGN seems to work fine there. Thanks for the help everyone!

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